Why intern for a local campaign?

Anya Aidun – General Election Intern

“It was the only campaign that I felt was accessible to young people. Polis had a youth council while in congress and he appeals to young voters. He does a great job of making young people feel heard.”

“He really wants to focus on impacting Colorado first, and I believe he feels that he could do that more effectively at the state level.”

“He grew up here in Boulder.”

“I know him. This is a great quality to have as a politician—he meets you once, and he knows you. He remembers, and he calls you by your first name. He really genuinely cares. Whenever we’re launching a big canvas shift, he shows up, which isn’t a given. He really makes an effort to get to know everyone on his team, which I think is part of why he’s such an effective politician.”

“Every vote counts. I’ve had that experience where I’m at the door and someone isn’t as educated on the issues, or they have questions, and you can answer them. It’s wonderful. You actually feel like you’re making a difference. You’re swaying the state of Colorado, and ultimately legislation that’ll be passed. It seems small but it’s actually quite a big impact.”

“What I learned from being on this campaign is how much legislation is shot down at the state level that doesn’t even get to go to a national level. You really do make an impact by getting involved at the state level.”

“It’s really about getting involved in my community and understanding that young people can make a difference and an impact on the world around you.”

Vanessa Haggans – General Election Intern

“I’ve knocked on almost 3,000 doors while canvassing since May. It was really interesting to see the amount of people I’ve reached.”

“I’ve looked up to Jared Polis since I saw him in 2008. This is such a critical year in the elections.

“His policies, from environmental things (geting 100% renewable energy by 2040), to his healthcare policies, and ensuring that there’s affordable preschool and kindergarten for all of Colorado. I think they’re all really important issues.”

“We’re trying to convince them of why they should be voting. [Young people] don’t necessarily have a voice yet, so it’s important that they use theirs and support future generations.”

“Ultimately, I’m interested in going into environmental law… [This internship] has really inspired me to get involved with politics.”

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