Time Management: A Struggle


Carina Kehoe, Former Staff Reporter

Time management can be hard skill for high school students to grasp. When the end of the semester is near, students find it hard to find time to study for finals within their busy schedules. Effective time management helps with organization and produces efficiency and productivity which are skills that many future jobs will eventually require.

When asked about the importance of time management, Camila Rivero, junior, says, “If you don’t know how to manage your time then you don’t get things done efficiently and stress can build up.”

Effective time management helps lower stress which is important when final exams come around. For Camila, “Using a planner is super important or nothing would get done.” Writing down homework helps with organization and efficiency so tasks and assignments aren’t forgotten.  

Although planning and scheduling are important aspects of time management, the consequences of not studying and the outcome of earning a bad grade seems to put more stress on students than the workload itself.

Junior, Maddie Weiz, says, “The pressure that builds and the idea that if you don’t do this one thing then your grade will drop is what’s stressful for me.”

Most students feel this way about finals which is why it is important to take the stress off of the workload and teach students important, impactful, and efficient time management skills.