Scouts Look Out: You’re Just Wasting Talent and Skill


John Nassif

Tucker Catin playing as cornerback postion

I argue for every player out there that is working their butt off every day but not getting seen by college recruits. I argue for talent rather than skill. If you think college scouts are not seeing you, like Landon Colvin, a linebacker that can read the minds of running backs. Even Tucker Catlin, a smaller player who is guarding bigger receivers and mastering their every move. Or Ethan Massimiso can block extremely well against other defensive tackles who are bigger than him.

Why are people not seeing these players who are working hard every day? We need more college recruits looking at these players.

It’s ridiculous to let their talents slip through the cracks.

Why don’t they see it yet? Do I have to literally point them out and give them an offer myself? Even if it is only a D2 or D3 offer. Don’t they want someone talented both on and off the field? The scouts are sleeping on some really good football players from Fairview. These players come to practice every single day and play their position so well, which in turn makes the “talent position players” their offers too.

This is the most talented high school team I have ever seen in the years of me watching them from freshman year to senior year. But what is hard work when the players who deserve college offers aren’t getting them? Even if it is their first year playing, I watch them and think “wow.”

I’ve never seen this type of talent and skill in these players.

I think colleges have to look harder at football in general and share some good highlights. There are a lot of middle linebackers, running backs out there, etc even visits that are playing high-level people should be told to send scholarships to people for this act. Devin Holly — he received some little offers, but he has a great attitude and a great brain — should be getting more offers because he plays running back and cornerback. He is a threat on defense and a good offensive tool. Holly has so much stamina and he can cover 99 percent of receivers more times then coaches realize. Holly has great vision, great speed, he gets a good chunk of yards, he sometimes breaks tackles, but is very good at knowing how to run the football for his team.

Players and coaches need to be out there making sure they reach out to colleges. It’s not just about who has the most offers.
It’s about who has the talent, skill and size to play for that university.
D1 D2 and D3 schools, you have to look in Colorado and recognize great players for what they have accomplished. Academics are one thing, but if you’re smart in football there could be some lineage because you are smart in the game of football and getting good grades. Some of the best and brightest players don’t get lots of offers from universities, but they are working hard in their sport to be the best they can be. I think everyone deserves a chance, even if you get a lot of offers. If you look at Colorado football, it’s different\; each player stands out in a way. I say to universities, look very deep at the team and spread your offers out. Why don’t we let players visit, and enjoy who are working this hard, and get in the offer? These kind of people because they show me that they are good players.

If you’re a big-time university looking for hardworking, talented players, I recommend you take a serious look at these under-recruited, skilled Knights.