March Issue Spot the Difference Answers


Justin Hein, Photo Editor

1. Took off one of the bumps in the group of four on the left side
2. Added a bump to the bottom right building (used to be 2, now there are 3)
3. Added one more pair of tracks on the very right side
4. Added a car upper left
5. Middle footprints say FHS spread across the roof in snow
6. One teensy spot of building dead center was filled in with snow
7. Took off one small piece of snow on the tan block that is on the left hand side, closest to the
8. Changed the taller shadows in the bottom middle
9. Almost dead center, added another vent with a shadow
10. In upper middle, there was a dark spot that looked like a “C”, and now it says “CU”


How many did you find?