Brett KavaNAH

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Brett KavaNAH

Darya Navid, Humor Section Editor

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A temper tantrum, an almost mastery level of avoiding specific questions and a display of complete ignorance, the Judge Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Appointment hearing had no shortage of these plights.

With a 51-49 vote in favor of moving on to the final stage of voting this morning, the inevitability that Brett Kavanaugh will be a Supreme Court Justice dawns on America more and more each day.

As Kavanaugh’s final confirmation vote approaches, it is important that every student, teacher and person residing in the United States of America takes the time to know what kind of rabbit hole this country is about to dive head first into.

Earlier in the 2018, when people heard the name Brett Kavanaugh, their minds most likely went “Brett Kava-who?” But Trump’s nomination of the Federal Judge and a humorous SNL skit have changed that.

“Matt Damon on SNL being Brett Kavanaugh and my children watching this and just laughing” said language arts teacher Angela Hunt. “And this is basically what is actually happening.”

As the inevitable doom of his appointment as a Supreme Court Justice begins to approach more and more people are wondering how this case even came this far?

Throughout his trial, Kavanaugh expressed his opinions very passionately, even going so far as to yell at the Senators before him. As this trial is essentially a job interview, many people were shocked to see and hear the Judge’s outburst.

As language arts teacher Carla Roitz said, “It’s hard when you have been controlling  things your whole life and all of a sudden you might not be able to control everything. It’s hard and scary to lose power, and I mean I have no pity for them, but I do think that’s at the root of this.”

27 years after Anita Hill gave a testimony against Clarence Thomas, many people are wondering how something like this could be happening again; however, there are those who are instead wondering why it is taking so long.

It’s more important now, now that he is running for a position of power, that people are saying what happened and it’s important to how we see him,” explains sophomore Imani Fernandez-Gorbea.

If selected to serve on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh would be serving a life term. If he is a man who could potentially abuse this power, or has a bias when listening to specific case, his appointment to have catastrophic repercussions.

“I mean you are supposed to step down or something as a judge when you know you have bais, like what’s he gonna do when a women or a Democrat? Like is he gonna recuse himself from everything? For everything? And he wouldn’t, and I don’t trust that he would do that,” said Hunt.


This sudden realization of how screwed America could be, however, is only dawning on a few people. Most are not paying attention, and some don’t even care what happens.


We have become numb to it,” said Roitz.  


The roller coaster of a ride that this hearing has been will all come to an end after a Procedural Vote on Friday, and a Final Vote on Saturday.

Hunt said, “What makes me have hope is that younger people just seem to be logical.”

If people are starting to trust the generation that thought the Tide Pod challenge was a good idea, America might actually have something to be worried about. If we didn’t already.