Dogs and Humans


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Kyla Bursiek, Staff Reporter

If people have trouble making friends and then get a dog, they might open up more to people. Dogs can be friends even though they are related to wolves. When you see a wolf and a dog they look like each other, especially the German Shepherd. When a dog buries a bone this is a trait that comes from the wolf.    

Natalie Bonesteal has a dog named Bubba and he is nine years old. Her dog is part Chihuahua and part Weiner dog. It is a long dog with short legs. “I’m his favorite person. I got him when he was a puppy. My friend’s dog had puppies. The dog is crazy and likes to cuddle, he has a lot of energy and always runs around and sleeps with me. Bubba likes people food if you mess with feet or tail he play growls,” said Bonesteal.

Dogs became gentle because they live with humans. Dogs pick up on their owner’s feelings because they can smell the brain and their feelings.

According to an article by Science News 2016, “dogs can recognise emotions in humans by combining information from different senses – an ability that has never previously been observed outside of humans, a new study published today reveals.”

“Dogs need their space just like humans. Dogs are so kind they can change your life for the better’’ said retired teacher, Trudy Ebersole. Ebersole had two dogs that were both German Shorthaired pointers. Their names were Luke and Lee.  

“We chose the dogs because there was room for them to run and play.” Ebersole said, “My favorite time with them was in the evening when they calmed down and were tired. My dogs were loving and liked to snuggle. They seemed to know when I was sad.”

Ebersole’s dogs lived a long time. Her dog, Lee, lived until he was nine years old and Luke was 12. She said that she remembers when she got her dogs.

“Lee was three months when we bought her from Iowa in 1996,” she said. “Luke was Lee’s son and he was born in 1998.”

Dogs are the best because they make your life more special. The people have inspiring stories about their dogs. My dog Wally and I have a strong relationship. If I didn’t have Wally I think I would feel something was missing. Never underestimate a dog because they can change your life for the better. Go dogs!