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Arts & Culture

A Survey of Student's Preferred Music Choices

Savana Sheldon | May 17 2018 | in Arts & Culture


A music survey found that students have a large range of music tastes. The top bands are: One Direction, Mumford and S...

Avengers: Infinity War - Should the Series really be continued?

Ian Vasquez and Kindra Roden | May 17 2018 | in Arts & Culture


On April 27, Marvel fans were more than enthusiastic about the release of the new Avengers movie, “Infinity War.” Despite th...

Lady Bird Review

Chloe Cope | May 17 2018 | in Arts & Culture


“Lady Bird” follows the journey of a high school senior navigating boys, college and her complicated relationships at home.<...

A Quiet Place Review

Emma O'Leary | May 17 2018 | in Arts & Culture


I walked into the theatre with high hopes for a thrilling, spooky movie, and that is what I got, but I admit my heart was never poundin...

The Stormlight Archives: Book Review

Arshan Aidun | Feb 5 2018 | in Arts & Culture


The Stormlight Archives are a series of fantasy novels written by Brandon Sanderson. The novels are called “The Way of Kings,&rdqu...

Behind the Scenes: The Fairview Theater Program

Ian Vasquez | Jan 19 2018 | in Arts & Culture


Our school has a renowned theater department that many students have gotten involved in, or at least tried to. However, many students ha...

What People are Listening To V.1

Bode Branstetter | Jan 18 2018 | in Arts & Culture


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20 ways to relax before, during and after Finals Week

Emi Ambory | Jan 13 2018 | in Arts & Culture


With finals week approaching and another semester until summer break, it’s important to manage your stress and habits to ensure th...

Daddy's Home 2 Movie Review

David Hirschhorn | Dec 14 2017 | in Arts & Culture


WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS   Last weekend I went out to the movies with friends and saw “Daddy&r...