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Arts & Culture

Review of "The Glee Project"

Miah Yager | Aug 25 2011 | in Arts & Culture

A whole lot of people watched "Glee" nonstop, watched their favorite characters in the "Glee" concert, and listened to their s...

Bonkers for Books! — "The Help"

Katie Steen and Ella Jenak | Aug 24 2011 | in Arts & Culture

"Bonkers for Books!" is a recurring feature by Royal Banner critics Katie Steen and Ella Jenak about novels that have been adapted into ...

Rob Delaney graces Gothic Theatre

Sam Rock | Aug 23 2011 | in Arts & Culture

During a pre-show interview I conducted on Sunday evening with fellow Bannerite Matt Sparkman, Los Angeles area Comic Rob Delaney said ­— while si...