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Arts & Culture

Contagion review—Get some Purell!

Sam Rock | Sep 10 2011 | in Arts & Culture

“Contagion” might be the ultimate germophobe’s horror film. It’s about a novel world-spread virus, and it’s full of sneezes, nose-wipes, gravelly ...

Pizzeria Locale offers excursion from ordinary

Alex Flynn and Kali Crossen | Sep 9 2011 | in Arts & Culture

Pizzeria Locale offers the perfect location coupled with an upscale pizzeria experience. The restaurant is located on Pearl Street which is an exc...

Album review: Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Sam Rock | Sep 7 2011 | in Arts & Culture

After the overflow of expression and sorrow that was Girls’ 2009 debut album, “Album,” the San Franciscans take a jovial turn toward love, family...

Restaurant review: Moongate Asian Bistro

Kali Crossen and Alex Flynn | Aug 31 2011 | in Arts & Culture

Located on 16th and Pearl, Boulder’s Moongate Asian Bistro serves authentic Thai cuisine. An illuminated purple sign, visible from several blocks ...

Auditions for Fairview's fall musical, "All Shook Up."

Shoshana Pollack | Aug 29 2011 | in Arts & Culture

Auditions are stressful to say the least, and the auditions for the coming Fairview musical, “All Shook Up,” were no exception. The variety of peo...

Review of "The Glee Project"

Miah Yager | Aug 25 2011 | in Arts & Culture

A whole lot of people watched "Glee" nonstop, watched their favorite characters in the "Glee" concert, and listened to their s...

Bonkers for Books! — "The Help"

Katie Steen and Ella Jenak | Aug 24 2011 | in Arts & Culture

"Bonkers for Books!" is a recurring feature by Royal Banner critics Katie Steen and Ella Jenak about novels that have been adapted into ...

Rob Delaney graces Gothic Theatre

Sam Rock | Aug 23 2011 | in Arts & Culture

During a pre-show interview I conducted on Sunday evening with fellow Bannerite Matt Sparkman, Los Angeles area Comic Rob Delaney said ­— while si...