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Arts & Culture

Bastille Review

Laura Brack | Nov 1 2016 | in Arts & Culture


Bands I like have a tendency to do this awesome thing where, when they’re touring, they don’t even come t...

"Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" Review

Emma O'Leary | Nov 1 2016 | in Arts & Culture


Note: This review may contain spoilers. Tim Burton’s adaptat...

Fairview Alumni Release Teaser for Apocalyptic Feature Film "Fireside"

Sara McCrea and Anya Aidun | Sep 19 2016 | in Arts & Culture


   2016 alum Evan Groover released a teaser on September 2nd for his upcoming apocal...

"Captain America: Civil War" Is The Best Marvel Movie Ever

Laura Brack | May 17 2016 | in Arts & Culture


There have been live-action movies made based on Marvel comics characters for 30 years. In that time, there have been some pretty terrib...

The Royal Banner's Summer Mixtape

Evan Derby and Dvir Goldman | May 15 2016 | in Arts & Culture


Are you feeling stressed about exams? Can’t wait for the last bell to ring? Do the seconds seem to tick by slower and slower ever...

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Dissapointment

Laura Brack and Sydney Russ | May 11 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This review contains some spoilers and about 5 metric tons of salt.  <...

The Royal Banner's Spring Break Mixtape

Dvir Goldman, Evan Derby and Michal Olesiak | Mar 18 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This playlist mixtape can be listened to on s Sp...

Pokémon through the Ages: A Blast from the Past

Sydney Russ | Mar 17 2016 | in Arts & Culture


On February 27th, 2016, the renowned Pokémon franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary with the international re-release of &ldqu...

How To Watch The MCU, Part 1

Laura Brack | Mar 17 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This guide contains spoilers. It’s not really supposed to, but it kind of does.   ...