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Arts & Culture

"10 Cloverfield Lane" Is Worth the Hype

Rachel Grushan | Mar 16 2016 | in Arts & Culture


When the trailer for “10 Cloverfield Lane” dropped in January, I was at first very surprised and then very pumped. The origi...

"Race" vs. "Eddie The Eagle"

Laura Brack | Mar 11 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This review contains spoilers. This year, the world’s gonna have an Olympics. It’s not un...

Trailer Reviews: Best Picture Nominees

Ryan Swerdlin and Arvand Aidun | Mar 2 2016 | in Arts & Culture


“The Revenant”- The trailer for “The Revenant” is a thrilling one including fighting scenes and well used imagery to develop a se...

Tom Sawyer: A Q&A with Cast and Crew

Jot Kaur | Mar 2 2016 | in Arts & Culture


The Royal Banner caught up with five members of the cast and crew of "Tom Sawyer". Here's what they had to say about the spring play!

The Importance of the Indie Genre: Sundance Film Festival

Laura Brack and Sydney Russ | Feb 24 2016 | in Arts & Culture


The Sundance Film festival returned to Utah on January 21st to showcase another year’s worth of indie films to an audience filled with film enthus...

Ian Matheson & Annie Vincent Drop New EP

Rachel Grushan | Feb 8 2016 | in Arts & Culture


Seniors Ian Matheson and Annie Vincent have dropped their newest EP, titled “Continuation,” whose five tracks have altogether garnere...

"Scott Pilgrim": Ultimate Movie

Laura Brack | Feb 3 2016 | in Arts & Culture


Imagine your perfect movie. There’s action. Adventure. Tears. Funny moments. Quotable lines. Romance. And, of course, there are sick jams. Movies ...

The Top Best 10 Rap Albums of All Time

Enzo Marshall | Jan 12 2016 | in Arts & Culture

Rap music is one of the most passion-filled art forms in existence. Both the artists and the listeners are very passionate abo...

Marvel Year In Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ultron

Laura Brack | Jan 11 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This review contains speculation, triggering material, and spoilers. Between Netflix, TV, a brand new Spider-Man, a not-so-fanta...