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Arts & Culture

"Bridge of Spies" Review

Evan Derby | Oct 27 2015 | in Arts & Culture


There are plenty of action thriller movies set during the Cold War, but there aren’t many recent movies like “Bridge of Spies”: a Cold War movie t...

"The Martian" Review

Evan Derby | Oct 21 2015 | in Arts & Culture


“I’m going to have to science the @#$% outta this.” This line, spoken by Matt Damon’s character, Mark Watney, midway through Ridley Scott’...

Top 15 Horror Movies

James Fernandez | Oct 21 2015 | in Arts & Culture


This is a list of my top 15 horror movies of all time. I am basing this list of what I think makes a great, but also enjoyable, horror movie. I d...

Over-The-Summer Entertainment Recap

Laura Brack and Conor Pepin | Sep 23 2015 | in Arts & Culture


MOVIES: Summer is the season for blockbusting action movies and franchises. This year’s crop was particularly full of new entries into al...

Hot Summer Movies

Owyn Cooper | Apr 29 2015 | in Arts & Culture

Summers are hot and sweaty. A great way to beat the heat is to hide in the dark and air-conditioned movie theaters that are scattered across Bould...

Winter Guard Takes Second at State

Keren Sneh | Apr 28 2015 | in Arts & Culture

On April 4th, the Fairview Winter Guard wrapped up a practically undefeated season with a second place finish at State behind Monarch. “W...

Treat Yourself, Go See Kingsman: The Secret Service

Laura Brack | Apr 8 2015 | in Arts & Culture

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” is simply awesome. It’s an enjoyable experience that I would repeat as many times over as possible. (This review co...

A Knight in Fairview-rona

Owyn Cooper | Mar 20 2015 | in Arts & Culture

The Introductory Meeting (December 1st, 2014)   The auditorium is in chaos. Organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless. Chatte...

Review of The Oscars

Sara McCrea | Mar 16 2015 | in Arts & Culture

This year, at the Oscar ceremony, notes were being belted and tears were being shed. Though the performances went from confetti, to a monumental m...