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Arts & Culture

Project Almanac Review

Laura Brack | Feb 25 2015 | in Arts & Culture

“Project Almanac” is trying to be “Chronicle” with time travel, which is not a bad thing in concept. It fails at doing so spectacularly. “Chronicl...

American Sniper: Under Heavy Fire

Cameron Walsh | Feb 23 2015 | in Arts & Culture

The movie “American Sniper” has come under heavy controversy for its resounding message of patriotism and blurring the line between hero or murder...

Fairview Student Brendan Bell plays Fox Theater

Hannah Carande | Feb 19 2015 | in Arts & Culture

The Fairview Fortknight (Biweekly Reviews of Books, Movies, and Music)

Varun Narayanswamy | Feb 10 2015 | in Arts & Culture

Books Now I know that for Fairview students it’s not easy to find free time. However, when you get that unexpected moment of freedom, it’...

FACE Performs at FHS

Laura Brack | Jan 28 2015 | in Arts & Culture

On the night of FACE’s concert at Fairview, January 9th, the school was packed to the brim. The line extended far into the hallway, and when the d...

Sparkman Revision: The Real Best Album of 2014 Is:

Mike Sparkman | Jan 21 2015 | in Arts & Culture

If you are a frequent reader of The Royal Banner, you probably know that we in the Entertainment section made a list of the top albums (along wit...

The Interview Review

Cameron Walsh | Jan 21 2015 | in Arts & Culture

When you combine tigers, assassination plots, and Katy Perry’s “Firework”, you can already tell you’re in for a very controversial movie. From th...

Classic Holiday Movies Ranking

Izzy Zuniga | Dec 16 2014 | in Arts & Culture

Nothing is more enjoyable during the Holiday Season than watching holiday movies. The Royal Banner decided to rank these classic movies from wors...

Top Albums and Songs of 2014

Mike Sparkman | Dec 15 2014 | in Arts & Culture

This year, my pick for best album goes to “Benji” by Sun Kil Moon. Rarely does an album focused largely on death with sparse instrumentation and s...