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Giant Spider Colony Reaching Breaking Point In FHS Ceiling

Ethan Kennedy | Oct 7 2013 | in Humor

The 100-year flood caused major damage to the town of Boulder, Colorado. However, just a few short weeks later, the true effects of the flood are ...

Top 5 Homecoming Dances

Juliana Russell | Oct 4 2013 | in Humor

  You see an attractive someone on the other side of the dance floor. So...what do you do?   Option 1 THE WINDMILL: First, casually make eye-conta...

Judge Condemns New Yorkers to Obesity

Alex Ray, Maddie Stachniak | Mar 11 2013 | in Humor

In a recent ruling, Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr. of New York’s State Supreme Court has deemed New York’s new ban on large sugary drinks unconsti...

Top 8 Worst Things to Do on Facebook

Shoshana Pollack and Maddie Stachniak | Feb 15 2013 | in Humor

Having important conversations about your relationship. Relationships are private things, especially breakups. Breaking up with someone d...

Quiz: Do you have Senioritis?

Shoshana Pollack | Feb 15 2013 | in Humor

It’s senior year, baby! And I am so ready to be out of here. Many of my peers have already been accepted into college, have their gap year planned...

Grow Your Own Boyfriend: The solution to being single on Valentines Day

Elise Maclean | Feb 11 2013 | in Humor

If you are single and lonely on Valentines and don't know what to do, here is your solution. A revolutionary product, known as the "Grow ...

The Top 7 Said No One Ever Moments

Maddie Stachniak | Feb 4 2013 | in Humor

“I can’t wait to read this humorous article,” said no one ever. Even though you don’t care, here are the Banner’s top 7 ‘said no one ever’ moments...

The Banner's 2013 Predictions

Maddie Stachniak and Alex Ray | Jan 23 2013 | in Humor

Now that we are just getting into the new year, here are some of the Royal Banner’s predictions as to what will happen in the year 2013.

12 Steps to Finding Your Other Half

Raine Kennedy and Maddie Stachniak | Jan 23 2013 | in Humor

Find a facebook profile to stalk. Then, change your relationship status from Ryan Gosling  to, ‘it’s complicated.’ Use a crowbar t...