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Pun Shortage Causes Protests

Kate Martin, Anya Aidun and Chloe Cope | Oct 28 2016 | in Humor


A lack of fresh and diverse Fairview puns has caused school-wide protests, as well as calls for new leadership among those responsible f...

Student Stuck in 600 Hallway Intersection for Two Hours

Noah Finer | Oct 26 2016 | in Humor


Freshman George White was rescued fifth period in the 600 hallway intersection last Thursday after lying on the ground for over two hour...

Moronic Class Misinterprets a Crime as Comedy

Patrick Stachniak | Oct 12 2016 | in Humor


This past Friday, a class in the 600 hall laughed at noises outside the hall, as usual, just as a freshman was mugged outside their door...

Aardvarks Defeat Knights After Confusion at Fencing Meet

Carter Hanson | Oct 3 2016 | in Humor


Last Monday, the fencing team arrived at a Nederland meet atop huge horses, prepared for a brutal jousting match against the top competi...

A Proposal to Further Secure BVSD Emails

Carter Hanson and Noah Finer | Sep 19 2016 | in Humor


In early August, BVSD updated all student account usernames, changing them to not include student IDs due to security concerns. This cha...

Proposal for a Quarter-Second-Video-Sharing App

Noah Finer | May 27 2016 | in Humor


Vine has always been a prominent app for sharing only six seconds of content to the world and has grown tremendously. With new introduct...

Senior Survival: Drama Heats Up as Only Four Contestants Remain Engaged With Class

Ben Gelderloos | May 19 2016 | in Humor


The tension is building on Senior Survival, a blockbuster reality TV show starring Fairview seniors in a competition to see who can be t...

Printing Fees Raised to 11ยข Due to Inflation

Evan Derby | May 3 2016 | in Humor


Following new data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the library has decided to raise the fee for printing a single blac...

Belief in Magical 'Trash Disappearance God' Rapidly Spreading

Noah Finer | Mar 16 2016 | in Humor


A new religion called “Garbanism” has been reported rapidly spreading around students eating lunch within Fairview in which ...