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Freshman Found Alive After Three Weeks

Ben Gelderloos | Sep 28 2014 | in Humor

Freshman Anthony Knightly emerged into the student center after four weeks surviving against all odds in the 300 hallway.   Emerge...

Summer Classifieds

Owyn Cooper | May 28 2014 | in Humor

It was the best of jobs, it was the worst of jobs. Whatever your reason may be for getting a job this summer, definitely try to apply at one of th...

Packing for College

Maya Jayachandra | May 23 2014 | in Humor

Many FHS students are planning on attending college in the fall, and packing for something so big can be a huge challenge. Here's a handy-dand...

7 Ways You Know You're in APUSH

Rachel Perley | May 13 2014 | in Humor

Your classmates are closer with you than your actual siblings. Your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights include long date...

What to Do Now That Prom Is Over

Owyn Cooper | May 7 2014 | in Humor

Prom season is finally (FINALLY) over. But what does that mean for you? More food No more dieting to fit into your pr...

200 Hall Bathrooms Receive Acclaim for Creative Layout

David Sachs | May 7 2014 | in Humor

The bathrooms located in the math hall put Fairview into the national spotlight on Wednesday, after winning awards for both functionality and inno...

Proper Ways to Celebrate 4/20

Owyn Cooper | Apr 16 2014 | in Humor

This is it. This is the hallowed weekend when April the twentieth is upon us. Living in Boulder, we all probably have some ideas already on how t...

S.O.S. Sticky Note Rivals Planning Revenge Strike

Maya Jayachandra | Apr 14 2014 | in Humor

BREAKING NEWS: In light of the sticky notes adorning the school last Wednesday, courtesy of Sources of Strength, a threat has been issued to all o...

Five Worst Promposal Ideas

Owyn Cooper | Apr 11 2014 | in Humor

The smell of prom is in the air. Or the smell of people sweating nervously in anticipation/fear of asking their beloved to prom. Either way, it’s ...