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S.O.S. Sticky Note Rivals Planning Revenge Strike

Maya Jayachandra | Apr 14 2014 | in Humor

BREAKING NEWS: In light of the sticky notes adorning the school last Wednesday, courtesy of Sources of Strength, a threat has been issued to all o...

Five Worst Promposal Ideas

Owyn Cooper | Apr 11 2014 | in Humor

The smell of prom is in the air. Or the smell of people sweating nervously in anticipation/fear of asking their beloved to prom. Either way, it’s ...

Down With The PARCC

Dvir Goldman | Feb 10 2014 | in Humor

To Good People of Fairview High School My fellow soldiers, this year we face a battle. One I do not know if we can win. For years, we have lived p...

The Do's and Don'ts of the Under(wear)world

Dvir Goldman | Jan 22 2014 | in Humor

By Dvir Goldman The underwear section of any clothing store is an awkward place for anyone. The unspoken social code and common courtesy i...

How To Drive In Snowy Conditions: The Insanely Helpful, Completely Accurate Guide

Maya Jayachandra | Jan 8 2014 | in Humor

Ice See those suspiciously shiny patches on the road that everyone else seems to be skirting around? Those are perfectly safe. Beyond safe. ...

The Best of Beards

Cason McHose and Savarone Ammann | Dec 11 2013 | in Humor

No-shave November brings with it stubble, mustaches, goatees, and most of all beards ranging in length. For one month all razors are kept in the c...

How To Find Your Winter Romance

Maddie Stachniak | Dec 9 2013 | in Humor

It’s that time of year again: time to find your winter romance. Everyone needs someone to cuddle by the fire with, and sometimes your feline frien...

Creepy Crawlies

Juliana Russell | Nov 18 2013 | in Humor

Click here to watch Fairview students get terrorized by spiders.

Fairview's Own Social Media Guru

Maya Jayachandra | Oct 30 2013 | in Humor

Janey Holland, a Fairview student with a whopping total of 38 Twitter followers and a particularly impressive vocabulary, has to be one of the mos...