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Creepy Crawlies

Juliana Russell | Nov 18 2013 | in Humor

Click here to watch Fairview students get terrorized by spiders.

Fairview's Own Social Media Guru

Maya Jayachandra | Oct 30 2013 | in Humor

Janey Holland, a Fairview student with a whopping total of 38 Twitter followers and a particularly impressive vocabulary, has to be one of the mos...

Giant Spider Colony Reaching Breaking Point In FHS Ceiling

Ethan Kennedy | Oct 7 2013 | in Humor

The 100-year flood caused major damage to the town of Boulder, Colorado. However, just a few short weeks later, the true effects of the flood are ...

Top 5 Homecoming Dances

Juliana Russell | Oct 4 2013 | in Humor

  You see an attractive someone on the other side of the dance floor. So...what do you do?   Option 1 THE WINDMILL: First, casually make eye-conta...

Judge Condemns New Yorkers to Obesity

Alex Ray, Maddie Stachniak | Mar 11 2013 | in Humor

In a recent ruling, Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr. of New York’s State Supreme Court has deemed New York’s new ban on large sugary drinks unconsti...

Top 8 Worst Things to Do on Facebook

Shoshana Pollack and Maddie Stachniak | Feb 15 2013 | in Humor

Having important conversations about your relationship. Relationships are private things, especially breakups. Breaking up with someone d...

Quiz: Do you have Senioritis?

Shoshana Pollack | Feb 15 2013 | in Humor

It’s senior year, baby! And I am so ready to be out of here. Many of my peers have already been accepted into college, have their gap year planned...

Grow Your Own Boyfriend: The solution to being single on Valentines Day

Elise Maclean | Feb 11 2013 | in Humor

If you are single and lonely on Valentines and don't know what to do, here is your solution. A revolutionary product, known as the "Grow ...

The Top 7 Said No One Ever Moments

Maddie Stachniak | Feb 4 2013 | in Humor

“I can’t wait to read this humorous article,” said no one ever. Even though you don’t care, here are the Banner’s top 7 ‘said no one ever’ moments...