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Adventure Issue - Spot the Difference Answers

Henry Larson | May 15 2018 | in Multimedia


1. Clock in the upper left corner 2. White line on the grass has been removed 3. A coach at the sidelines has an eyepatch ...

The Knight Show: Episode Six

Henry Larson | May 1 2018 | in Multimedia


Listen to a brand new episode on Fairview's response to the gun control debate across America!   Listen on iTunes or

Change Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer | Apr 18 2018 | in Multimedia


Noah apologizes for this spot the difference ahead of time.   1) A student in the middle is missing a watch 2) "Team ...

Coming Soon: Your Voices on Parkland and Protests

Henry Larson | Mar 15 2018 | in Multimedia


Listen to a new trailer for The Knight Show on iTunes or

Red Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer | Mar 6 2018 | in Multimedia


1) A Fairview logo shorts to the right side are gone and replaced with an RB logo 2) The orange Gatorade box i...

The Knight Show: Episode 5 Edden Rosenberg

Henry Larson | Mar 5 2018 | in Multimedia


The Knight Show returns with part 3 of Emi Ambory's series on music and culture at Fairview, "Tune In" Listen on iTunes or on htt...

The Knight Show: Episode 4 Ben Littell

Henry Larson | Feb 1 2018 | in Multimedia


The Knight Show's next episode is here!   Listen on

The Knight Show Episode Three: Kylie Feliciano

Henry Larson | Jan 10 2018 | in Multimedia



Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer | Dec 13 2017 | in Multimedia


1. The headband on the student near the front now says "The Lance" 2. The sign now says "us" instead of "you" 3. The student near ...