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20 ways to relax before, during and after Finals Week

Emi Ambory and Emi Ambory | Jan 13 2018 | in Multimedia


With finals week approaching and another semester until summer break, it’s important to manage your stress and habits to ensure th...

The Knight Show Episode Three: Kylie Feliciano

Henry Larson | Jan 10 2018 | in Multimedia



Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer | Dec 13 2017 | in Multimedia


1. The headband on the student near the front now says "The Lance" 2. The sign now says "us" instead of "you" 3. The student near ...

The Knight Show Extra: It's Funny to Me!

Henry Larson | Dec 7 2017 | in Multimedia


Take a listent to this bonus episode of the Knight Show!   Listen

The Knight Show Episode Two

Henry Larson | Dec 1 2017 | in Multimedia


The Knight Show returns! Listen

The Knight Show: Episode One

Henry Larson | Nov 11 2017 | in Multimedia


The first episode of The Knight Show is out now!    Listen

Coming Soon: The Knight Show

Henry Larson | Nov 7 2017 | in Multimedia


COMING SOON: Fairview High School Publications is pleased to announce their upcoming podcast, The Knight S...

Haunted Issue Spot the Difference Key

Carter Hanson | Oct 26 2017 | in Multimedia


1. Top right corner, inset into wall disappears. 2. Center up left, "stop" becomes "stoop". 3. Bottom left, corners of chair disap...

Kindness Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer and Carter Hanson | Dec 7 2016 | in Multimedia


SPOILERS BELOW! Don't read this article until you have finished (or given up on) the spot the difference in the new Kindness I...