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Studying Tips for Finals

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Dec 4 2013 | in OP-ED

What Does Fairview Think? is a broadcast series run by the Opinion section of the Royal Banner, designed to expresses student opinions. If you hav...

An Angry Feminist's Take on No-Shave November

Rachel Grushan | Nov 19 2013 | in OP-ED

No Shave November is treated very lightly in this school as a competition among male students and teachers. Facial hair on a a guy has never been ...

Slave Trade Chocolate: Enough is Enough

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Nov 12 2013 | in OP-ED

The chocolate industry is a large contributor to child slavery. Many chocolate companies import chocolate from the Ivory Coast and West Africa. Sl...

Cell Phone Addictions are Getting Out of Hand

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Nov 4 2013 | in OP-ED

Cell phones addictions have become more prevalent as the number of students with cell phones, particularly smart phones, has increased. While phon...

The Stigma of Swearing in School

Rachel Grushan | Nov 1 2013 | in OP-ED

At some point in our early childhood, we all made the mistake of using a “bad word.” Although it was harmless at the time, our parents simply gav...

You've Been Caged; Why Is It Being Punished?

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Oct 21 2013 | in OP-ED

On September 27th 2013, Fairview High School got Caged. The Caging event identified the question, "When do pranks become inappropriate?"...

Obamacare: Reality or Rumors?

Varun Narayanswamy | Oct 18 2013 | in OP-ED

Obamacare is health care plan introduced by President Barack Obama in 2010. The point of Obamacare is to balance out healthcare prices and governm...

Dove Beauty Advertisement; A Refreshing Change

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Oct 8 2013 | in OP-ED

In a time where society tells women of all ages that beauty is based on what size you wear, Dove fought back with their latest advertisement. Dove...

A Guide to College Visits

Raine Kennedy | Apr 2 2013 | in OP-ED

It is spring of junior year, and we are all starting to think about colleges. This spring break, I visited some on my list. First of all, college ...