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Opinion & Politics

December Alabama Special Election

Ella Wawrzynek | Feb 27 2018 | in Opinion & Politics


A few notes on the Alabama Special Senate Election:   We saw something historic on Tuesday the ...

Students and First Amendment Rights

Ella Wawrzynek | Feb 23 2018 | in Opinion & Politics


There are five rights protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution: freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly and the ...

Don't be neutral on Net Neutrality

Emi Ambory | Jan 29 2018 | in Opinion & Politics


Despite the use of the term “net neutrality” recently on the rise, many Americans are still left uninformed as to its precis...

Editorial: Gun Control and Thornton Shooting

Emi Ambory | Jan 13 2018 | in Opinion & Politics


Twenty-nine people were fatally shot in only two of November’s 28 mass shootings.   One shooting wa...

Gun Massacre - #1

Carter Hanson | Nov 8 2017 | in Opinion & Politics

Today we mourn the victims of the attack[s] in Sutherland Springs, text-de...

Rant & Reactions - Weekly Political Update 10/17/17

Carter Hanson | Oct 17 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


After a news filled week (most of it bad to less than satisfactory) I would like to draw your attention to an issue that is vital to th...

The Real Solution to School Shootings

Carter Hanson and Vincent Kershner | Oct 12 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


Over the past few weeks, students and teachers have experienced lockin and lockout drills in every class, just in case a school shootin...

Rant & Reactions - Weekly Political Update 10/4/17

Carter Hanson | Oct 4 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


I am utterly disgusted by the recent mass shooting at a country music concert in Las Vegas. The devastation of this blatant act of terro...

Rant & Reactions - Weekly Political Update 9/25/17

Carter Hanson | Sep 26 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


For my first rant… update, I would like to complain about Trump. But unlike any other week, I will be covering Trump criticizing ...