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Opinion & Politics

Miah's Musings: Halloween and All Shook Up

Miah Yager | Oct 31 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Halloween: What's my costume gonna be? Do I need breath mints? Is my crush gonna bite me? Are my friends gonna notice? Im I i...

You are what you eat

Shoshana Pollack | Oct 22 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

We live in the world of high school, a world of vending machines and coffee carts, fro-yo and pizza. And to a lot of us, food is just a part of li...

Powderpuff reverses decades of gender equality in sports

Matt Sparkman | Oct 21 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

The concept of powderpuff football is not just annoying, unnecessary and obnoxious, it is also grievously sexist. That’s right. The only instituti...

Miah's Musings: Week Two

Miah Yager | Oct 19 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Heating problems and Technology problems: It's so hot in here! Why is this happening to me? Computer, wake up! He...

Miah's Musings

Miah Yager | Oct 12 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

New Computers in Library: How long are the computers gonna last? Who's paying for the computers? Do the computers like their view of t...

Blockbuster's demise, is Netflix next?

Brian Lee | Oct 7 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Blockbuster is already doomed, and even Netflix is slowly sinking in quicksand. The dawn of the new age of movie watching through internet streami...

Siran Jiang discusses President Obama's Wednesday speech on education

Siran Jiang | Sep 30 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

President Obama delivered his third annual back-to-school speech, played live in our very own library viewing room and room 661 yesterday. This sp...

Power from the people: Boulder energy municipalization a step in the wrong direction.

Eli Boonin-Vail | Sep 27 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

The concept of being a "locavore," that is, one who eats food obtained from nearby surroundings, has become increasingly popular in Boul...

Facebook's creep box: Great Job!

Sam Rock | Sep 23 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

During peak creeping hours1 on the evening of September 20th, 2011, Facebook unveiled a new feature called the “real-time ticker,” a small box tha...