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Opinion & Politics

Miah's Musings: Teens and Thanksgiving

Miah Yager | Nov 8 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Teenage Drama : OMG  tell me? W0w what's going on?   That person did that?  What did you just say?  Can you have a telephone? ...

Senior ditch day absconds responsibility

Eli Boonin-Vail | Nov 1 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Last week, a teacher I have scheduled a test for today. With its scheduling came the usual gripes of perfectly prepared but chronically lazy stude...

Cain's sexual harassment claims are disturbing yet unimportant

Alec Pronk | Nov 1 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Claims of sexual misconduct are unfortunately all too common among politicians, and typically I do not care.  This isn't to say that I belittl...

Miah's Musings: Halloween and All Shook Up

Miah Yager | Oct 31 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Halloween: What's my costume gonna be? Do I need breath mints? Is my crush gonna bite me? Are my friends gonna notice? Im I i...

You are what you eat

Shoshana Pollack | Oct 22 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

We live in the world of high school, a world of vending machines and coffee carts, fro-yo and pizza. And to a lot of us, food is just a part of li...

Powderpuff reverses decades of gender equality in sports

Matt Sparkman | Oct 21 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

The concept of powderpuff football is not just annoying, unnecessary and obnoxious, it is also grievously sexist. That’s right. The only instituti...

Miah's Musings: Week Two

Miah Yager | Oct 19 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Heating problems and Technology problems: It's so hot in here! Why is this happening to me? Computer, wake up! He...

Miah's Musings

Miah Yager | Oct 12 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

New Computers in Library: How long are the computers gonna last? Who's paying for the computers? Do the computers like their view of t...

Blockbuster's demise, is Netflix next?

Brian Lee | Oct 7 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Blockbuster is already doomed, and even Netflix is slowly sinking in quicksand. The dawn of the new age of movie watching through internet streami...