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Opinion & Politics

Bathrooms not for changing

Ella Jenak | Aug 30 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

The ringing of the bell signals the end of another day of school and girls flock to the bathrooms to... change clothes?!?! Girls with exploding ba...

Banning bake sales creating, not solving problems

Zoe Polando | Aug 29 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

As many students have probably already learned, bake sales have been banned throughout BVSD. This causes a major issue for the extracurricular act...

The Social Nightmare

Eliana Goldstein | Aug 28 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Everyone has a Facebook profile. It’s where things happen, a veritable IV of gossip about who’s dating whom, when your BFF’s birthday party is, an...

Crowds, Clans, and Hangouts

Savarone Ammann | Aug 26 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Another year of high school sparks another year of socializing with friends who were on a deficit throughout summer. However, where these friends ...

Your true dream

Brian Lee | Aug 25 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

“You are who you are, regardless of who you think you are.”-Oscar Wilde Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the best high schools in the United Stat...

Welcome to the Royal Banner website

Royal Banner Staff | Aug 23 2011 | in Opinion & Politics

Congratulations, you have found the Royal Banner's brand new website.  With this website we hope to provide our school and community with brea...