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Opinion & Politics

The Definition of "Terrorism"

Arvand Aidun and Ryan Swerdlin | Mar 17 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


Acts of terrorism have become a staple in the news and have been rapidly increasing in size and severity due to terrorist organizations ...

#HashtagActivism: Is It Really Activism?

Michal Olesiak | Mar 9 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


#Kony2012. #BringBackOurGirls. #BlackLivesMatter. Hashtag Activism has developed into a global phenomenon only recently, but has already created a...

Why the Bernie vs. Hillary Meme is Problematic

Cameron Walsh and Melanie Sawyer | Feb 23 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


As a passionate and reasonably educated member of the 2016 electorate, I generally stay informed of the issues that influence the election. Althou...


Evan Derby | Jan 19 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


Internet safety is an important skill to teach the ever-increasing number of young people who use the internet nearly every hour of their life. Ho...

Is Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Right to Sue President Obama?

Braedon O'Callaghan | Jan 13 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh is a 15 year old from Boulder that is helping James Hansen to sue Obama. Tonatiuh and his group, calling themselves the Eart...

The School Board Candidate Forum

Braedon O'Callaghan | Oct 26 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


In BVSD there is a school board that decides and votes on legislation for the superintendent to carry out, and there is currently a chair on this ...

Feel the Bern

Michal Olesiak | Oct 21 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


There wasn't a cloud in sight as the sun beat down on the 10,000 people crowded into Potts Field at CU on Saturday the 10th. At two o'cloc...

One Out of Fifty-Four: How Many Students Are Aware of School Board Elections?

Braedon O'Callaghan | Oct 5 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


BVSD is a school district of about 30,000 students in 56 schools. This year it is having an election regarding its future, and things aren’t looki...

Asking to Homecoming

Michal Olesiak and Cameron Walsh | Oct 5 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


Signs, flowers, spotlights, nothing is too extravagant if she says yes. Homecoming is where guys and girls can meet and enjoy themselves in a muc...