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Opinion & Politics

On Attitude and Other Pearls of Wisdom

Rachel Perley | Dec 12 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Close your eyes. Take yourself back a few months to the waning hours before you met your Homecoming group for pictures or dinner. Remember that fe...

15 Things Vegans/Vegetarians Never Hear Enough Of

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Dec 10 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

So… where do you get your protein? Magically enough, plants have protein too. Do you eat twigs? Sure, just like you eat th...

How Halloween Propagated America's Oldest Form of Racism

Helen Magowan | Nov 21 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

I was inexplicably, overwhelmingly angered to see over-sexualized, provocative Native American costumes--headbands with feathers stuck in them, fa...

A Letter to the Class of 2015

Rachel Perley | Nov 17 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

There are seven months until graduation. Seven months. 29 weeks. 203 days. 4872 hours. 292,320 minutes. 17.5 million seconds. And each of those se...

Editor's Letter to Jay Bender

The Royal Banner Co-Editors-in-Chief | Nov 17 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Dear Jay,  First of all, we at the Royal Banner would like to thank you sincerely for your response. We would like to stress that ...

Jay Bender's Letter to the Editor

Jay Bender | Nov 17 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Dear Royal Banner Staff, Upon seeing the first newspaper of the school year, I was mildly disappointed when I found out that the Royal Ban...

What's Wrong With Homecoming?

Isabel Zuniga | Oct 1 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Movies have given me the impression that Homecoming is a fun night where the whole school participates and has a great, safe time. But if this is ...

Music, Drugs, and Dancing

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Sep 26 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

“Now that bang, bang, bang/ I let him hit it ‘cause he slang cocaine” Nicki Minaj’s new song, “Anaconda”, has its place. That plac...

A Letter to Freshmen

Anonymous | Sep 22 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

This is called “A Letter to Freshmen,” but, really, this is a letter to anyone who has chosen to read this. Should you choose to read this, I wan...