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Opinion & Politics

A New Fairview Tradition

Emily Ellis | May 23 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Breaking the known tradition of the CU Event Center in Boulder, Fairview moves graduation to 1st Bank Center in Broomfield. “CU Boulder, b...

How Game of Thrones Wrongfully Handles Sexual Violence

Sharone Goldman | Apr 30 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Warning: this piece may contain spoilers. I am a committed Game of Thrones geek. I make time every Sunday to sit down and watch the newes...

On Being Gay: Heteronormativity, Social Norms, and Prom

Sawyer Hammond | Apr 23 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

In a society that claims to be so forward and progressive, it sure is incredibly easy to be left out of everything. As an out, gay teenager, I alw...

The Cost of Communication

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Apr 13 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Look yourself up on Google. How many times did you see a result that actually related to you? When I look myself up, I see about two pages of resu...

The Problem with Provocative

Rachel Grushan | Apr 4 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

We have been raised in a culture that sexualizes and itemizes women and their bodies, wrapping them in little packages that are tagged with words ...

Drugs in the Media

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Mar 12 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Despite the work of school districts and anti-drug organizations, drugs are still appealing to high schoolers and college students. But why? Nothi...

New Classes, New Possibilities

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Feb 24 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

In the past couple of days, students have been receiving course selection forms. This year, there are some exciting new options. Rising juniors an...

Snow Days

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Feb 19 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

Snow days are a HOT topic this time of year. Does Fairview think that the current snow day policy is too harsh or too lenient? Find out in this ne...

My Name is America and I Killed Claire Davis

Hannah Sheridan | Feb 13 2014 | in Opinion & Politics

On December 13th, Claire Davis entered Arapahoe High School for the last time. In the very place that was supposed to secure her future, a boy nam...