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Opinion & Politics

Cell Phone Addictions are Getting Out of Hand

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Nov 4 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Cell phones addictions have become more prevalent as the number of students with cell phones, particularly smart phones, has increased. While phon...

The Stigma of Swearing in School

Rachel Grushan | Nov 1 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

At some point in our early childhood, we all made the mistake of using a “bad word.” Although it was harmless at the time, our parents simply gav...

You've Been Caged; Why Is It Being Punished?

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Oct 21 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

On September 27th 2013, Fairview High School got Caged. The Caging event identified the question, "When do pranks become inappropriate?"...

Obamacare: Reality or Rumors?

Varun Narayanswamy | Oct 18 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Obamacare is health care plan introduced by President Barack Obama in 2010. The point of Obamacare is to balance out healthcare prices and governm...

Dove Beauty Advertisement; A Refreshing Change

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Oct 8 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

In a time where society tells women of all ages that beauty is based on what size you wear, Dove fought back with their latest advertisement. Dove...

A Guide to College Visits

Raine Kennedy | Apr 2 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

It is spring of junior year, and we are all starting to think about colleges. This spring break, I visited some on my list. First of all, college ...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: The Greatness of a Cloudy Day

Alex Newhouse | Mar 15 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Yeah, I'm back. From my three-week absence, I return, rising again like the sun every day. This is my dawn, you might say. Or you might say I ...

A Quick Look at the Fairview Elections

Raine Kennedy | Mar 11 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Fairview elections took place on Thursday, and the competition was fierce. Running for Head Girl was Kate Dow, Kendall Richarz, Madeleine McCarty...

I Wish That It Would Stop Snowing

Eamonn Morris | Mar 4 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

I wish that it would stop snowing. Let me elaborate. There are many reasons to like snow. It is very pretty. It can provide much-needed moisture. ...