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Opinion & Politics

Best and Worst Oscar Moments

Raine Kennedy | Mar 3 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Best Seth MacFarlane. No more explanation needed. Adele singing Skyfall. the long hair coalition that seems to be going on sound-e...

Sixteen Years, One Day at a Time

David Sachs | Feb 21 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

A while back I was laying in bed letting my mind wander when a random question appeared in the depths of my consciousness. How many days have I be...

Moving On: Why the Pope Abdicated, and Why I Quit the Cello

Eamonn Morris | Feb 20 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Last week Pope Benedict XVI, leader of the Catholic Church worldwide, announced that he would resign the papacy on February 28th. The announcemen...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: A Newhouse Response to the State of the Union

Alex Newhouse | Feb 15 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Marco Rubio began his response to President Obama’s State of the Union address by reminding Americans that the USA is a unique country, one in whi...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: How Colleges Conquered My Inbox

Alex Newhouse | Feb 8 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Right now, I have two windows open. One is Microsoft Word, in which I am writing this essay. The other is Google Chrome, opened to my email inboxe...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: Converting to a Classroom Conversation

Alex Newhouse | Feb 1 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

The American education system is broken. This fact is obvious in the precipitous fall from the academic elite the United States has experienced i...

Thoughts on the New York Soft-Drink Ban

Eamonn Morris | Jan 28 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

New York City recently instituted a ban on soft drinks over 16 fluid ounces within city limits. The decision is entering a court battle this week...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: Senioritis as a Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Alex Newhouse | Jan 25 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

The Royal Banner is pleased to welcome a new weekly guest writer: Fairview senior Alex Newhouse. Be on the lookout for Newhouse's columns ever...

The Trillion-Dollar Coin: What Is It, Even?

Eamonn Morris | Jan 22 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

There's this crazy idea flying around about the United States Treasury minting two One Trillion Dollar coins and depositing them in its accoun...