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Opinion & Politics

Thoughts on the New York Soft-Drink Ban

Eamonn Morris | Jan 28 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

New York City recently instituted a ban on soft drinks over 16 fluid ounces within city limits. The decision is entering a court battle this week...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: Senioritis as a Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Alex Newhouse | Jan 25 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

The Royal Banner is pleased to welcome a new weekly guest writer: Fairview senior Alex Newhouse. Be on the lookout for Newhouse's columns ever...

The Trillion-Dollar Coin: What Is It, Even?

Eamonn Morris | Jan 22 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

There's this crazy idea flying around about the United States Treasury minting two One Trillion Dollar coins and depositing them in its accoun...

I am about to go figuratively insane

Owyn Cooper | Jan 15 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

No. You are not literally starving. And no, you won’t literally die if you don’t see the new Ryan Gosling flick. AND NO, you cannot claim to be li...

Why Giving Up Junk Food is an Unrealistic New Years Resolution

Elise Maclean | Jan 14 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

It is impossible, as a teenage, to live a normal life without junk food. Yes, soda is considered junk food. When the new year came, you probably m...

Katie's Law

Shoshana Pollack | Dec 14 2012 | in Opinion & Politics

Please note: This article appeared in the November, 2012 issue of The Royal Banner. Nine years ago in New Mexico, 22-year-old Katie Sepich was bru...

Gender Double Standards and Discrimination

Maddie Stachniak | Dec 5 2012 | in Opinion & Politics

Even in an arguably more civilized world, women and even men can be discriminated against based on gender. However, one of the worst ways women ar...

Destroying the World: One Snap at a Time

Rachel Perley | Dec 3 2012 | in Opinion & Politics

Snapchat, a trending app for iPhone and Android phones, is making our world more self-centered than ever. It allows you to take pictures of yourse...

Obama is the better candidate for the US

Michael Sparkman | Nov 7 2012 | in Opinion & Politics

In this year’s excruciatingly close election between two candidates that hardly anyone seems to be too excited about (discluding other politicians...