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Opinion & Politics

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: The Greatness of a Cloudy Day

Alex Newhouse | Mar 15 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Yeah, I'm back. From my three-week absence, I return, rising again like the sun every day. This is my dawn, you might say. Or you might say I ...

A Quick Look at the Fairview Elections

Raine Kennedy | Mar 11 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Fairview elections took place on Thursday, and the competition was fierce. Running for Head Girl was Kate Dow, Kendall Richarz, Madeleine McCarty...

I Wish That It Would Stop Snowing

Eamonn Morris | Mar 4 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

I wish that it would stop snowing. Let me elaborate. There are many reasons to like snow. It is very pretty. It can provide much-needed moisture. ...

Best and Worst Oscar Moments

Raine Kennedy | Mar 3 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Best Seth MacFarlane. No more explanation needed. Adele singing Skyfall. the long hair coalition that seems to be going on sound-e...

Sixteen Years, One Day at a Time

David Sachs | Feb 21 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

A while back I was laying in bed letting my mind wander when a random question appeared in the depths of my consciousness. How many days have I be...

Moving On: Why the Pope Abdicated, and Why I Quit the Cello

Eamonn Morris | Feb 20 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Last week Pope Benedict XVI, leader of the Catholic Church worldwide, announced that he would resign the papacy on February 28th. The announcemen...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: A Newhouse Response to the State of the Union

Alex Newhouse | Feb 15 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Marco Rubio began his response to President Obama’s State of the Union address by reminding Americans that the USA is a unique country, one in whi...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: How Colleges Conquered My Inbox

Alex Newhouse | Feb 8 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

Right now, I have two windows open. One is Microsoft Word, in which I am writing this essay. The other is Google Chrome, opened to my email inboxe...

Weekly Contemplations of a Non-Conformist: Converting to a Classroom Conversation

Alex Newhouse | Feb 1 2013 | in Opinion & Politics

The American education system is broken. This fact is obvious in the precipitous fall from the academic elite the United States has experienced i...