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Softball Season in Review

Matt Hise | Oct 4 2014 | in Sports

After a strong start to the softball season, the Knights continue pushing towards a winning season. After a tough 4-2 loss to open the season agai...

Pre-game Rituals- Superstitions for Winning a Game

Harrison Young | Sep 26 2014 | in Sports

If you’re an athlete, you probably have some sort of ritual you consistently do before each game. However weird, crazy, or nutty it may be, you st...

FHS Hits a Home Run

Dvir Goldman | May 7 2014 | in Sports

Fairview High School has officially hit a home run. With a record of 18-1, Fairview baseball is the best team in the state. “We beat Rocky Mountai...

UConn Wins the Big Dance

Ethan Kennedy | Apr 9 2014 | in Sports

The showdown of the year came down last night. 7 Connecticut Huskies and 8 Kentucky Wildcats faced off in Arlington, Texas at ATT Stadium. The gam...

“Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Get on up, it’s Bobsled Time!”

Ethan Kennedy | Feb 11 2014 | in Sports

Jamaica has once again made the Olympics. However, not for what one would think. Jamaica is going to the Winter Olympics for the bobsled. The las...

Horizon Shocks Fairview in Overtime

Skyler Limber | Jan 13 2014 | in Sports

The Fairview High School Knights boys' basketball team suffered a tough loss at home Thursday night falling to Horizon 95-93 in overtime. The ...

BCS National Championship Review

Ethan Kennedy | Jan 10 2014 | in Sports

This Monday, quarterback Jameis Winston and the undefeated Florida State Seminoles battled Gus Malzahn and the exceptional Auburn Tigers in the fi...

The Knights go to Sports Authority Stadium

Melissa Cuddington | Nov 27 2013 | in Sports

At 10:30 this morning, the number one and two seed football teams who are to compete for both the 4A and 5A division state titles gathered in the ...

Fairview Athletes Signing Day

Savarone Ammann | Nov 13 2013 | in Sports

November 13, 2013 is signing day at Fairview High School and is shared among many high schools across the state, including Monarch high. Each year...