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Was Arizona's Perfect Record Saved by a Bad Call?

Ryan Shuman | Jan 14 2013 | in Sports

On January 3, 2013 possibly the most controversial call in college basketball history happened in a sweaty nail-biting Arizona University basketba...

CU Searches for New Head Coach

Lucia Rose | Dec 3 2012 | in Sports

After two seasons coaching CU Buffalo Football, head coach Jon Embree was fired on Sunday November 25. Athletic Director Mike Bohn said, &...

University of Colorado Head Football Coach Fired, Perhaps Unjustly

Alex Ray | Nov 30 2012 | in Sports

Jon Embree, CU head football coach, was fired on November 25. After completing the worst season in the history of CU football, Mike Bohn, CU athle...

Kicking Butt

Owyn Cooper | Oct 23 2012 | in Sports

Sweat is dripping from your head into your eyes, but you’re too dedicated to your routine to stop now. Jab-cross-hook-cross. Lead knee-right knee-...

Ric Maurer Fills the Role as Fairview's New Athletic Trainer

Alex Flynn | Oct 2 2012 | in Sports

Fairview’s new Athletic Trainer Ric Maurer has never worked in a high school before but brings lots of knowledge and hands on experience to the po...

Peyton Manning Is a Step Back for Broncos by Alex Ray

Alex Ray | Oct 1 2012 | in Sports

It’s a Broncos fan’s worst fear. Tebow time looks to be an actual improvement over our new washed-up superstar, Peyton Manning. Don’t get me wrong...

Morency's goal sends FHS into quarterfinals

Matt Sparkman | May 14 2012 | in Sports

A first half goal from senior striker Daphnee Morency vaulted Fairview girls' soccer past second-ranked Fossil Ridge early Saturday afternoon ...

Desperate measures necessary after Rockies flounder in April

Matt Johnson | May 9 2012 | in Sports

Rockies fans last April really didn’t know how good they had it. When then-beloved manager Jim Tracy led his team to a 17-8 mark at the en...

Fairview baseball falls to Monarch at senior night

Rachel Joyce | May 3 2012 | in Sports

The Knights needed a win to stay alive in the playoff race Tuesday night against the Monarch Coyotes, but in the end inconsistent defense and seve...