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Noah Finer | Nov 7 2017 | in Student News


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Faces of Fairview #4: Sources of Strength and Ayako Kiyota

Emma O'Leary | Nov 7 2017 | in Student News


Ayako Kiyota is one of the leaders of the Sources of Strength club, a nationally recognized club that deals with mental health. ...

A Spirit Week Like None Other

Emi Ambory | Nov 3 2017 | in Student News


The week of October 9th, organized and branded as “Spirit Week” by Student Council, held a collection of free events accessi...

Faces of Fairview #3: MIT Launch Entrepreneurship Club

Emma O'Leary | Oct 24 2017 | in Student News


Sophomores Anudeep Golla, Sophie Reeves, Kendall Brogle, and Barclay Shove are the presidents of the MIT Launch Entrepreneurship club, ...

Faces of Fairview #2: Jay Stott

Emma O'Leary | Oct 15 2017 | in Student News


Jay Stott started playing guitar when he was 13, and now, many years later, he is working on his second record. &ldquo...

New Safety Policies Prompted by Claire Davis Law

Chloe Cope | Oct 9 2017 | in Student News


 New safety policies implemented this year by administration that require fire, lockdown and lockout drills to be practiced in every class we...

Faces of Fairview #1: Andrea Lin

Emma O'Leary | Oct 6 2017 | in Student News


Senior Andrea Lin has recently concluded a fourteen month project to program the PhET projectile motion simulation. Ph...

Hurricane Fundraising at Fairview

Kara Stepanik and Eliana Valenzuela Cabriales | Oct 3 2017 | in Student News


Throughout the past month, hurricanes have pummeled the coasts of the Caribbean islands, Eastern U.S., and Mexico. People among the comm...

Parking and Weather

Arshan Aidun | Apr 12 2017 | in Student News

The past couple of weeks have been very snowy, icy, windy, and dusty. The result? Traffic on the way to school, and back, plus, the sno...