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Student News

The Day of Silence

Alexis Bernthal | May 17 2018 | in Student News


Fairview High School recently exhibited a day of silence. The Day of Silence is a non-violent protest that began with ...

UPDATE: Interior Security Cameras

Saketram Durbha | May 15 2018 | in Student News


School Board officials voted unanimously in a board meeting on May 8th to adopt changes to Board Policy and Superintendent Regulation ECA and ECA-...

A Bright Future for the Mock Trial Team

Ava Svolos | May 1 2018 | in Student News


The mock trial team won the state championship for the first time in Greeley, Colorado from March 9-10th and are now preparing to compet...

Faces of Fairview: Jolie Hoskins

Emma O'Leary | Apr 17 2018 | in Student News


Senior Jolie Hoskins represented Fairview at the Colorado state Poetry Out Loud competition on February 28th, a competition which she wa...

Your Stories On The Lockdown

Emi Ambory | Apr 3 2018 | in Student News


Principal Stensrud “The district, with really good intent, tries to get information out quickly. But that just c...

The Scoop on Snow Days

Emma O'Leary | Mar 25 2018 | in Student News


A snow day has not yet been called for the 2017-2018 school year, and while there have been days when some students hoped for a snow day...

Fairview's Response to Parkland, Florida

Henry Larson | Feb 22 2018 | in Student News


On February 14th, 2018, a gunman entered a school in Parkland, Florida and proceeded to kill 17 students and teachers. ...

Faces of Fairview: Nick Sims

Emma O'Leary | Feb 20 2018 | in Student News


 Junior Nick Sims is involved in the Youth Opportunities Advisory Board (abbreviated YOAB), a group full of “politically active youth&r...

What Happened to Ronn and Jeff?

Molly Box | Feb 13 2018 | in Student News


Ronn Saleem and Jeff Jones are an integral part of our community, conversing with students and greeting Knights at the door. When they s...