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Student News

Fairview's Response to Parkland, Florida

Henry Larson | Feb 22 2018 | in Student News


On February 14th, 2018, a gunman entered a school in Parkland, Florida and proceeded to kill 17 students and teachers. ...

Faces of Fairview: Nick Sims

Emma O'Leary | Feb 20 2018 | in Student News


 Junior Nick Sims is involved in the Youth Opportunities Advisory Board (abbreviated YOAB), a group full of “politically active youth&r...

What Happened to Ronn and Jeff?

Molly Box | Feb 13 2018 | in Student News


Ronn Saleem and Jeff Jones are an integral part of our community, conversing with students and greeting Knights at the door. When they s...

The Scoop on IB and AP: Part One

Emma O'Leary | Jan 19 2018 | in Student News


In 2017, the Washington Post ranked Fairview as one of the most challenging high schools in the country. They calculate an index number ...

Faces of Fairview #6: Evan McClure

Emma O'Leary | Dec 3 2017 | in Student News


Senior Evan McClure has recently published his own app, which is essentially a “little video game”, as he called it, titled ...

Faces of Fairview #5: Emily Chinowsky

Emma O'Leary | Nov 21 2017 | in Student News


Senior Emily Chinowsky has been doing aerial dance for eight years, ever since she first attended a summer camp years ago. ...

Faces of Fairview #4: Sources of Strength and Ayako Kiyota

Emma O'Leary | Nov 7 2017 | in Student News


Ayako Kiyota is one of the leaders of the Sources of Strength club, a nationally recognized club that deals with mental health. ...

A Spirit Week Like None Other

Emi Ambory | Nov 3 2017 | in Student News


The week of October 9th, organized and branded as “Spirit Week” by Student Council, held a collection of free events accessi...

Faces of Fairview #3: MIT Launch Entrepreneurship Club

Emma O'Leary | Oct 24 2017 | in Student News


Sophomores Anudeep Golla, Sophie Reeves, Kendall Brogle, and Barclay Shove are the presidents of the MIT Launch Entrepreneurship club, ...