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Student News

The Trouble With Turnabout

Rachel Grushan, Izzy Zuniga, and Alli Williams | Mar 9 2015 | in Student News

Winter Ball is dead!” Jennifer Kraemer, social studies teacher and Student Council advisor, said to her Senior Women’s Club members. Turnabout, th...

Principal Don Stensrud Speaks Out Against Proposed Bill

Keren Sneh | Mar 9 2015 | in Student News

On February 4th, Principal Don Stensrud spoke out against a proposed bill that would discriminate against transgender people by forcing them to us...

Student Council Decides Senior Song

Ben Gelderloos | Mar 4 2015 | in Student News

After months of trying to orchestrate a vote among the senior class for the senior song, Student Council has decided that the senior class song wi...

An Interview with the Humans of Fairview Photographers

Sara McCrea | Mar 3 2015 | in Student News

Four years ago, photographer Brandon Stanton took the world by storm with his interviews with everyday people walking the streets of New York. Wit...

Admin Offers Student QA about PARCC Testing

Rachel Grushan | Feb 23 2015 | in Student News

Principal Don Stensrud and Assistant Principal Lynn Donnelly will be available for QA sessions with students concerning PARCC testing this week. T...

Student Kai Kloepfer in the New York Times

Alli William | Feb 20 2015 | in Student News

Creator of biometric safety firearms and CEO of Aegen Technologies, senior Kai Kloepfer was mentioned in the New York Times for his accomplishment...

QUIZ: Which FHS Teacher Will You Grow Up to Be?

Izzy Zuniga | Feb 18 2015 | in Student News

Corrections From February Issue

David Sachs | Feb 11 2015 | in Student News

It has come to the attention of our chiefs that were a few mistakes regarding the February issue of 2015. In an attempt to rectify those errors, T...

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Josie Russell | Feb 9 2015 | in Student News

As the age-old phrase goes, giving gifts is just as good as receiving them. Deciding what to give and who to give it to, however, adds unwanted st...