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Student News

QUIZ: Which FHS Teacher Will You Grow Up to Be?

Izzy Zuniga | Feb 18 2015 | in Student News

Corrections From February Issue

David Sachs | Feb 11 2015 | in Student News

It has come to the attention of our chiefs that were a few mistakes regarding the February issue of 2015. In an attempt to rectify those errors, T...

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Josie Russell | Feb 9 2015 | in Student News

As the age-old phrase goes, giving gifts is just as good as receiving them. Deciding what to give and who to give it to, however, adds unwanted st...

Humans of Fairview

Sara Mccrea | Jan 30 2015 | in Student News

  “I think it’s important to always smile at people whenever you see them because someone might be having a really terrible day and it nev...

Fairview’s Knowledge Bowl Team to Compete on PBS in February

Rachel Grushan | Jan 28 2015 | in Student News

Last November, the Fairview Knowledge Bowl team qualified to compete at the PBS Matchwits Tournament at CSU-Pueblo, a televised game show style co...

“Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute”: Net Zero Brings Water Bottle Refilling Stations to Fairview

Rachel Grushan | Jan 9 2015 | in Student News

Net Zero, the environmental club at Fairview, has installed five new water bottle refilling stations around school, thanks to a grant they wrote i...

Youth In Government's Thanksgiving Break Program

Aleah Matthews-Runner | Jan 9 2015 | in Student News

Fairview’s Youth in Government participated in a statewide program over Thanksgiving break at the capitol building in Denver. “Youth in Go...

Looking Ahead: Seniors' Hopes for 2015

Josie Russell | Dec 15 2014 | in Student News

For many people, the beginning of the new year signifies a fresh start. Whether it be in the form of New Year’s resolutions or simple wishes, ever...

Designing the Spring Play

Owyn Cooper | Dec 15 2014 | in Student News

For the spring play, Fairview will put on one of Shakespeare’s most famous works, “Romeo and Juliet,” with a new twist. It will be set in 2014 Sa...