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Student News

Hurricane Fundraising at Fairview

Kara Stepanik and Eliana Valenzuela Cabriales | Oct 3 2017 | in Student News


Throughout the past month, hurricanes have pummeled the coasts of the Caribbean islands, Eastern U.S., and Mexico. People among the comm...

Parking and Weather

Arshan Aidun | Apr 12 2017 | in Student News

The past couple of weeks have been very snowy, icy, windy, and dusty. The result? Traffic on the way to school, and back, plus, the sno...

National Honor Society's Silent Auction for Foster Care

Emma O'Leary | Mar 8 2017 | in Student News


On February 8th and 9th, National Honor Society hosted their second annual silent auction, and this year the proceeds went to Foster Car...

Swim-a-Thon for the Swim Teams

Emma O'Leary | Mar 7 2017 | in Student News

On Friday, March 10th, both the men’s and women’s swim teams will be hosting a Swim-a-Thon at South Boulder Rec center immed...

Black History Month

Drew Wolsey | Mar 5 2017 | in Student News

  The school has talked about how they want to handle Black history month. At the February faculty meeting, staf...

Diversity Day Documentary

Kim Berg | Feb 24 2017 | in Student News

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Pro/Con Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Carter Hanson | Feb 17 2017 | in Student News


Spot the Difference Key   1. Colorado flag: C becomes O. 2. Referee's basketball becomes a soccer ball. 3. Fa...

National Honor Society Silent Auction

Sara McCrea | Feb 7 2017 | in Student News

Fairview High School National Honor Society is hosting their 2nd annual ...

Jaden Hoechstetter: Fairview's Newest Rap Talent

Ryan Swerdlin and Arvand Aidun | Feb 5 2017 | in Student News


Junior Jaden Hoechstetter: advanced st...