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Student News

New Social Media App Beme

Webmaster | May 17 2016 | in Student News


The social media app Beme has recently been released on the major app distribution platforms. It seems to be gaining traction, but not m...

Prom Beats: Yay or Nay?

Jot Kaur | May 17 2016 | in Student News


Fairview’s annual prom took place two weekends ago, Saturday April 30th, at the Sports Authority Field. Like any other year, the d...

New Mindfulness Program

Chloe Cope | May 17 2016 | in Student News

This year, a new mindfulness program was introduced to the students and staff at Fairview by counselor Matt Mowen and biology teacher Be...

Music Breaking Barriers: A Sensory Friendly Concert

Sara McCrea | May 16 2016 | in Student News


Sometimes a person’s passion is so powerful that it can bring people together and break barriers. When Benjamin Tarasewicz graduat...

The Body Project

Grace Hedlund | May 13 2016 | in Student News


The Body Project is a four week long workshop that helps adolescent girls promote a healthy body image, and to spread acceptance throughout Fairvi...

Meet the Candidates: 2016 Student Council Representatives

Varun Narayanswamy and Rachel Grushan | May 12 2016 | in Student News

    1. Why are you running for this position? Reagan Ba...

Club Spotlight: Students Against Human Trafficking

Chloe Cope | May 11 2016 | in Student News


The Students Against Human Trafficking club, founded this semester by sophomore Courtney Cioth, works to get Fairview students involved in the fig...

The 2016 Yearbook Crisis

Rachel Grushan | May 11 2016 | in Student News


After a rough year of sales, the 2015-16 Yearbook is officially printed and will be available for students to pick up this Friday, May 1...

Our Silence Is Maddening: We Need to Talk About Mental Health

Rachel Grushan | Apr 5 2016 | in Student News

When someone suffers from any physical ailment, whether it be diabetes, a broken arm, or even nearsightedness, barriers to seeking treat...