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Student News

Helping the World through Farview’s Fashion for a Cause

Sharone Goldman | Sep 29 2011 | in Student News

A group of Fairview students are reaching out and doing some good... through fashion. Fairview’s Fashion for a Cause club benefits the World and o...

Early Action Deadline Approaches

Caroline Kruger | Sep 28 2011 | in Student News

Seniors applying for early action are scrambling around trying to finish up the application process. Early action, also known as priority applicat...

Homecoming Spirit Week is a Success!

Katie Steen | Sep 24 2011 | in Student News

Everyone donned their crazy outfits this week for Fairview's Homecoming Spirit Week. Monday was Jazzercise Day, complete with lots of ...

BVSD updates for requirements of volunteers

Piper Salvator | Sep 24 2011 | in Student News

Today’s world has perhaps proved more dangerous for students than ever before. Recent harassment and assault situations such as the Travis Masse s...

Choir wreath sales fundraiser

Ella Jenak | Sep 22 2011 | in Student News

Choir wreath sales are in full swing and Fairview choir kids are hitting the streets all over Boulder County trying to fill the required 20 wreat...

JV pom squad performs at Homecoming assembly

Rachel Joyce | Sep 20 2011 | in Student News

The Varsity Pom squad performed an impressive, well synchronized  dance during the Fairview High School Homecoming assembly on Monday September 19...

Wall Street protests enter fourth day

Eliana Goldstein | Sep 20 2011 | in Student News

On Saturday, September 17th, roughly 2,000 people marched on Wall Street in an attempt to bring “power to the people, not to the banks.” Part of t...

Student Council organizes sudden flash mob in student center

Eli Boonin-Vail | Sep 19 2011 | in Student News

Student Council and Sociology class students stormed the Fairview student center at the end of fifth period in an eruption of impromptu dance and ...

...More Homecoming Asking Ideas!

Megan DeBruyn, Paige Reisman | Sep 16 2011 | in Student News

-Explosives...(Liz Query, junior) -Bake yourself into a big cake and then jump out of it (Anna Maybach, junior) -Put up a banner over the student ...