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Student News

JV pom squad performs at Homecoming assembly

Rachel Joyce | Sep 20 2011 | in Student News

The Varsity Pom squad performed an impressive, well synchronized  dance during the Fairview High School Homecoming assembly on Monday September 19...

Wall Street protests enter fourth day

Eliana Goldstein | Sep 20 2011 | in Student News

On Saturday, September 17th, roughly 2,000 people marched on Wall Street in an attempt to bring “power to the people, not to the banks.” Part of t...

Student Council organizes sudden flash mob in student center

Eli Boonin-Vail | Sep 19 2011 | in Student News

Student Council and Sociology class students stormed the Fairview student center at the end of fifth period in an eruption of impromptu dance and ...

...More Homecoming Asking Ideas!

Megan DeBruyn, Paige Reisman | Sep 16 2011 | in Student News

-Explosives...(Liz Query, junior) -Bake yourself into a big cake and then jump out of it (Anna Maybach, junior) -Put up a banner over the student ...

IB Store reopens despite recent bake sale ban

Eli Boonin-Vail | Sep 14 2011 | in Student News

At the start of this school year, the Fairview administration announced that they would be putting a halt to club-run bake sales in accordance wit...

All-Talented Students go to All-State choir

Katie Steen | Sep 12 2011 | in Student News

Fairview students aren’t only crazy-good athletes and prestigious scholars; they are also talented musicians who participate in state-wide musica...

Senior survival guide - college applications

Piper Salvator | Sep 11 2011 | in Student News

Seniors struggle everyday with finding the right college. The most worrisome factor to most is whether or not they can really get in to the schoo...

President Obama Addresses the Nation’s Immense Job Deficit

Sharone Goldman | Sep 11 2011 | in Student News

President Obama addressed America’s enormous job deficit last Thursday, September 8th.  Americans were anxious to hear about what our President’s ...

Fairview achieves highest ACT scores in BVSD

Katie Steen | Sep 5 2011 | in Student News

According to Boulder Hometown Weekly, high school Juniors in Boulder Valley School District are continuing to top the state ACT scores, this year ...