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Student News

President Obama Addresses the Nation’s Immense Job Deficit

Sharone Goldman | Sep 11 2011 | in Student News

President Obama addressed America’s enormous job deficit last Thursday, September 8th.  Americans were anxious to hear about what our President’s ...

Fairview achieves highest ACT scores in BVSD

Katie Steen | Sep 5 2011 | in Student News

According to Boulder Hometown Weekly, high school Juniors in Boulder Valley School District are continuing to top the state ACT scores, this year ...

Late start brings mixed emotions

Paige Lindgren | Aug 31 2011 | in Student News

The clock shows 3:00pm. In past years, school would be done for the day. Now, you must sit in class for another 20 minutes. Some students may be f...

Q&A with the new BVSD superintendent, Dr. Bruce K. Messinger

Sharone Goldman | Aug 30 2011 | in Student News

On July 1st, 2011, Dr. Messinger began his first official day of being the new Boulder Valley School District superintendent. Superintendents pla...

Carson Kahn explains the benefits of the new website

Carson Kahn | Aug 30 2011 | in Student News

Subscribe to your classes to access an automated digital homework planner generated just for you! Get to your classes in one click, right ...

Students Create New and Improved Fairview Website

Katie Steen | Aug 28 2011 | in Student News

A full one-and-a-half years ago, Fairview alumnus Alexander Atallah rekindled the Web Team in the hopes of developing a new Fairview website indep...

Dolphins come to Fairview

Piper Salvator | Aug 27 2011 | in Student News

Scientists recently discovered that dolphins are just behind humans in regard to intelligence. For example, dolphins can understand human sign lan...

Fairview's Art Club makes the Castle more attractive

Sharone Goldman | Aug 27 2011 | in Student News

What's better than reverting back to childhood and painting walls, especially after school? Fairview’s Art Club does just that. The Art Club p...

You can't have your cake and eat it too

Sarah Joyce | Aug 27 2011 | in Student News

Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lollipops, cupcakes and muffins. What’s not to like about these sugary treats that help us high school students ...