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Student News

Are there too Many Students at Fairview?

Emma O'Leary | Oct 7 2016 | in Student News


There are 2181 students at Fairview, and this number has increased ever...

English Teacher Challenging Traditional Grading Methods

Chloe Cope and Ryan Swerdlin | Sep 26 2016 | in Student News


English teacher Angela Hunt is reducing the importance and stress of grades by replacing them with other forms of grading, as well as co...

Violence At Fairview

Webmaster and Denny Stong | Sep 23 2016 | in Student News


 Fairview’s administrators think that physical violence at Fairview is not a big problem, but other forms of violence, like b...

Solutions To Drinking And Drugs At Dances

Molly Box and Kate Martin | Sep 21 2016 | in Student News

Whether it’s the homecoming dance or the crowded informals, stories circulate through the dance floor about who drank what or who’s o...

Fairview Block Party

Cormac Dowling | Sep 20 2016 | in Student News



How Should The Bond Money Be Spent?

Grace Hedlund and Kyra Walsh | Sep 19 2016 | in Student News


 Fairview will receive its first bond in eight years of 21 million dollars from the district. In the next two to three years, the m...

New Social Media App Beme

Webmaster | May 17 2016 | in Student News


The social media app Beme has recently been released on the major app distribution platforms. It seems to be gaining traction, but not m...

Prom Beats: Yay or Nay?

Jot Kaur | May 17 2016 | in Student News


Fairview’s annual prom took place two weekends ago, Saturday April 30th, at the Sports Authority Field. Like any other year, the d...

New Mindfulness Program

Chloe Cope | May 17 2016 | in Student News

This year, a new mindfulness program was introduced to the students and staff at Fairview by counselor Matt Mowen and biology teacher Be...