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Student News

Club Spotlight: Students Against Human Trafficking

Chloe Cope | May 11 2016 | in Student News


The Students Against Human Trafficking club, founded this semester by sophomore Courtney Cioth, works to get Fairview students involved in the fig...

The 2016 Yearbook Crisis

Rachel Grushan | May 11 2016 | in Student News


After a rough year of sales, the 2015-16 Yearbook is officially printed and will be available for students to pick up this Friday, May 1...

Our Silence Is Maddening: We Need to Talk About Mental Health

Rachel Grushan | Apr 5 2016 | in Student News

When someone suffers from any physical ailment, whether it be diabetes, a broken arm, or even nearsightedness, barriers to seeking treat...

Madness Issue 'Spot the Difference' Key

Noah Finer | Mar 28 2016 | in Student News


SPOILERS BELOW! Don't read unless you have taken a looked at the spot the difference in Royal Banner's new Madness Issue.  

Debate Team Goes to Berkeley

Chloe Cope | Mar 15 2016 | in Student News

During the President’s Day weekend, fifteen members of Fairview's Speech and Debate team competed at an invitational debate tournament in Be...

Teacher and Student Interactions

Keren Sneh and Peter Buchholz | Mar 9 2016 | in Student News


In the words of senior Coleman Richards, “Teachers don’t understand outward and peer pressure and they don’t understand family o...

Colorado Democracy Challenge Registering Students to Vote

Michal Olesiak and Dvir Goldman | Mar 2 2016 | in Student News


Until Thursday of this week, the Colorado Democracy Challenge (CODC) will be set up in the student center to register anyone who is 16 years or ol...

February Issue Teaser: Five Years and Counting

Molly Box | Feb 10 2016 | in Student News


_The following is a teaser for the February "Relationship" issue of the Royal Banner. The article is titled "5 Years and Counting" by Molly Box._ ...

Latino Leadership Hosts Barrio E and Baile Folklorico Event

Jot Kaur and Jasmine Vital | Feb 9 2016 | in Student News


On Wednesday, January the 27th, a community organization called Barrio E presented during an event hosted by Latino Leadership during ...