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Student News

"The People Issue" Teaser: Jeff Jones

Ryan Swerdlin | Dec 10 2015 | in Student News


He has saved lives by disarming a student who had a 9mm. He has saved a girl that was drowning in a creek. He has had a ceremony ...

Latino Leadership Celebrates Día de los Muertos

Rachel Grushan | Nov 2 2015 | in Student News


Students from the Latino Leadership group have created a traditional altar outside room 611 in celebration of the Mexican holiday Día de los Muert...

Halloween at Fairview 2015

RB Staff | Oct 31 2015 | in Student News


Halloween 2015 at Fairview brought many diverse and creative costumes, such as "Fairy-view", "Shark Week", and of course an ap...

The Great Fairview Ghost Hunt

Rachel Grushan | Oct 30 2015 | in Student News


“If we can’t document it, it doesn’t exist.” No, this wasn’t a biology teacher who said these words on October 16th to a crowd of 20 stud...

Amigos Immersion Program

Grace Hedlund | Oct 30 2015 | in Student News


Eager to travel abroad? Help the less fortunate? Experience new cultures? Step out of your comfort zone? The Amigos program helps student...

PSAT Now on a Wednesday

Michal Olesiak and Dvir Goldman | Oct 27 2015 | in Student News


For the first time in Fairview High School history, the PSAT has been moved from Saturday to Wednesday. This change in scheduling has caus...

Power Outage at Fairview

Evan Derby | Oct 23 2015 | in Student News


Today, at approximately 9:33am, a power outage occurred in South Boulder, leaving Fairview with dark hallways and no working water fountains.

Senior Women’s Club Works to End Sexual Assault

Keren Sneh | Oct 23 2015 | in Student News


In the week leading up to homecoming, Senior Women’s Club put up several posters bearing slogans such as “Got Consent?” and “Silence ≠ Consent” i...

Fairview Seniors Arrange "Celebrity Visit" at Children's Hospital

Jot Kaur | Oct 7 2015 | in Student News


About 2 weeks ago, 8 Fairview students dressed as Disney characters and visited the Children’s Hospital to sing, dance, and talk with the children...