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Royal Banner Staff

Anya Aidun
Arts & Culture Section Editor

Anya is a sophomore and this is her first year on the Royal Banner. She enjoys dancing, swimming, traveling, photography, and the color orange an...

Noah Finer

Noah Finer is a photographer, designer, web developer, and humor section editor. He maintains two photography Instagram accounts, his main one (<...

Carter Hanson
Opinion & Politics and Humor Section Editor

Carter Hanson is a Junior at Fairview High School and this is his second year on staff. He enjoys skiing, making historic maps, studyin...

David Hirschhorn
Sports Section Editor


Kate Martin
Staff Reporter

Kate is a junior at Fairview Highschool, this is her second year on the Royal Banner staff and she is excited to continue her growth on the t...

Kyra Walsh
Staff Member

Kyra Walsh is a sophmore and is a new member of the Royal Banner. She loves spending time outdoors and with her friends. She plays school and clu...

Sarah Zerwin

Sarah Zerwin has been advising The Royal Banner News Network since the 2009-2010 school year. She's in her 21st year teaching and her 10th year a...

Chloe Cope
Copy Editor

Chloe Cope is a sophomore and in her second year of journalism. She loves doing various things. (=) @chloe.f.cope  (Instagram)

Henry Larson
Podcast Editor and Humor Section Editor

Creator of the FHS Publications Podcast, The Knight Show. 

Indebted to all of these awesome people at FHS Pubs.

Avery Monette

Avery Monette, senior staff repoter, loves participting in outdoor activites and is a big sports enthusiest. Avery plays basketball here at Fairve...

Braedon O'Callaghan

Braedon O’Callaghan is a hard working student at Fairview High School who is now a first year member of the Royal Banner. He loves to write lengthy a...


Molly Box

Bode Branstetter
Staff Reporter

Cormac Dowling
Photo Editor

Saketram Durbha
Webmaster/Staff Reporter

Darya Navid
Literary Liason

Emma O'Leary
Student News Section Editor

Eliana Valenzuela
Staff Reporter

Ian Vasquez
Staff Reporter

Drew Wolsey