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Royal Banner Staff

Anya Aidun
Entertainment Section Editor

Anya is a sophomore and this is her first year on the Royal Banner. She enjoys dancing, swimming, traveling, photography, and the color orange an...

Laura Brack

Laura Brack is a senior who somehow became co-editor in chief. How did this happen? She's not sure, either. She mostly just likes comics.

Ben Gelderloos

Ben Gelderloos is a Senior at Fairview and writing for a third year on the Royal Banner staff. He has served as Humor section editor an...

Carter Hanson
Humor Section Editor

Carter Hanson is a sophomore at Fairview High School and this is his first year on staff. He enjoys skiing in the winter, making historic maps, st...

Grace Hedlund
Student News Section Editor

Grace Hedlund is a Junior and is the Student News Section Editor. She loves the outdoors and staying active. Her interests include skiing, mo...

David Hirschhorn
Staff Reporter


Kate Martin
Staff Reporter

Kate is a sophmore at Fairview Highschool, this is her first year on the Royal Banner staff and she is excited to be part of the team. She enjoys ...

Sara McCrea

Sara McCrea (senior) is an aspiring magazine journalist who loves to write and read everything. She plays the ukulele, sings in two choirs, g...

Keren Sneh
Section Editor

Keren Sneh is the student news section editor for the Royal Banner. She is a junior and this is her second year on staff. In her free time she enj...

Cameron Walsh
Opinion Section Editor

Cameron Walsh: Extraordinary, Genius, Philanthropist, what else is there to say? Cameron's the bees knees of the class and most definitely has th...

Kyra Walsh
Staff Member

Kyra Walsh is a sophmore and is a new member of the Royal Banner. She loves spending time outdoors and with her friends. She plays school and clu...

Sarah Zerwin

Sarah Zerwin has been advising The Royal Banner News Network since the 2009-2010 school year. She's in her 21st year teaching and her 10th year a...

Molly Box
Social Media Editor

Molly is the Social Media Editor because she was always on her phone anyway. 

Chloe Cope
Staff Reporter

Chloe Cope is a sophomore and in her second year of journalism. She loves doing various things. (=) @chloe.f.cope  (Instagram)

Avery Monette

Avery Monette, senior staff repoter, loves participting in outdoor activites and is a big sports enthusiest. Avery plays basketball here at Fairve...

Braedon O'Callaghan

Braedon O’Callaghan is a hard working student at Fairview High School who is now a first year member of the Royal Banner. He loves to write lengthy a...

Sage Rose
Sports Section Editor

Sage Rose is the sports section editor for The Royal Banner. He is a junior and this is his second year on staff. Outside of The Royal Banner he e...

Denny Stong
Staff Reporter

I am Denny Stong and i love planes ants and hipocracy


Arvand Aidun
Co-Entertainment Section Editor

Arshan Aidun

Ryan Swerdlin
Co-Entertainment Section Editor

Drew Wolsey