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10 Apps To Boost Your GPA

By Sara McCrea in Student News


Though grades aren’t everything, very few students would dare to argue that Fairview lacks academic intensity. And it while it seems like keeping a GPA to be proud of is all time-consuming, there are some simple tools that can get students closer to their dream grades. These websites and apps are not only great resources for studying tools, but can help students accomplish their goals and have more time for other activities.

  1. Quizlet (Website/App)- You’ve probably come across Quizlet in your classes before, and if you haven’t chances are you will some time throughout your time at Fairview. Get the app and have instant study material wherever you go. It’s quick and easy to make flashcards, and paying the games really does help you memorize. Great for vocab quizzes, lit terms, and purely factual information. Go to:

  2. Self Control (Website/App)- Calling all procrastinators! Are you reading this article when you should be doing your math homework? Self Control allows you to block certain websites for certain amounts of time so you can get your work done on time without the distraction of pesky Facebook notifications. Go to:

  3. SimpleMind (App)- Do you love brainstorming webs? If you’re a student who likes to plan your essays with abstract charts that reflect your creative thought process, then SimpleMind is for you. You can even color customize your thoughts in the spider plan, and make special connections that will help you memorize and come up with a killer essay. Go to:

  4. Spreeder (Website)- Though it’s not a phone app, this website is sure to come in handy. Picture this: It’s ten minutes before your class period, and you haven’t done the readings. It happens to even the most on top of things students, so it’s good to have a backup. Look up Spreeder, copy and paste your reading, and watch the words flash before you with such speed you can hardly believe you’re understanding it. But it works, because our brains can read a crazy amount of words per minute. Though we don’t recommend trying to read your Russian epics with this one, it is perfect for those quick readers when you don’t have a lot of time. Go to:

  5. Written? Kitten! (Website)- Do you have an essay to get done! Go to Written? Kitten!, a website that rewards with pictures of cute and cuddly kittens when you hit your word count. Are you more of a puppy or bunny person? No problem! You can get a puppy, kitten, or bunny for every word count goal you meet. Never has writing your analysis essay been such a furry blast! Go to

  6. Write-or-die (Website)- Are kittens not hard core enough for you? Do you need more incentive than a picture of a baby animal to get you to work? Never fear, because Write-or-Die is ready to force you to write and to write fast. Tell this web-based app how many words you want to knock out and over what time period. And if you fail to reach your goal, the website will start deleting what you’ve written. You can customize it to show spiders, creepy critters, or even the scariest image of all time: Grumpy Cat. If you don’t crack under pressure, then this website is for you. Go to:

  7. Duolingo (Website/App)- It’s impossible to become fluent in a foreign language in a day, but you can get a little bit closer to fluency every day with duolingo. Duolingo is free, simple, and perfect for boosting your skills in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Welsh, or any of the sixteen languages offered. Do you have a trip coming up and know absolutely none of the language? Practice with Duolingo on the plane to learn useful phrases! Go to:

  8. Caffeine (Mac Download)- Never let your computer fall asleep when you’re working on an essay again! Download Caffeine, and a little coffee cup will appear. Click on the coffee to give your computer a boost for a set amount of time. Once the time is up, your computer will go back to power saving mode. Nifty! Go to:

  9. Khan Academy (Website/App)- If you don’t use Khan academy already, you should. It lets you learn almost anything for free with simple videos and explanations that will make information click in your brain. An amazing resource for studying for standardized tests, math concepts, science topics, and basically anything you can imagine. Go to:

  10. Study Buddy (App)-Need a little motivation? Study Buddy tracks the amount of time you spend on breaks while you study by tracking the amount and duration of your breaks to give you personal feedback on your procrastination. Get down to work with the help of this app, because if it doesn’t make you aware of how much time you’re wasting then nothing will.

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