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200 Hall Bathrooms Receive Acclaim for Creative Layout

By David Sachs in Humor

The bathrooms located in the math hall put Fairview into the national spotlight on Wednesday, after winning awards for both functionality and innovation, at the 2014 Engineering and Architectural Banquet (EAB).

The coveted award, known as the Bae (EAB backward) is given out once a year in early May to buildings or individual rooms which, “demonstrate immense brilliance in the fields of practicality, visual appeal, and a certain X factor determined by the judges,” according to banquet founder Maxwell Smithson.

School principal Donald Stensrud said while accepting the award, “I’m honored to accept this award on behalf of Fairview’s original architects, the Bae and I will now return to Fairview.”

Since its conception in 1930, the annual banquet has been awarded to structures across America, including its first recipient, The Empire State Building. Other recipients include The Space Needle, and The Burj Khalifa.

This is not the only award for which parts of Fairview have been recognized. Two years ago, the field along Greenbriar received an honorable mention from Better Homes and Gardens for its lushness.

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