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2015 Elections: Vice President

By Student News Team in Student News

This week is voting week for executive officer positions. The Royal Banner sat down with the candidates for Vice President, Julia Combs and Daniel Rahn.

What qualifications do you have for the position you are running for? What distinguishes you from other candidates? 

Julia Combs: I have been an active member of Student Senate for three years. I have planned, organized, collaborated; you name it, I’ve done it. I also am a student leader at the Boulder Cotillion and a part of multiple clubs in and out of school. I also really enjoy it, which I think makes me really qualified for the job because I love it, I’m going to do my part.

Daniel Rahn: I was 8th grade school president at Platt, I was freshman class president, I was a sophomore senator, junior class vice president, and I have lots of swag.

What do you think is the most important issue that needs to be addressed by student government next year?

JC: Our desire to participate at Fairview. I think we have a lack of student input. I think we have a lack of student spirit. I think we have issues with attendance at dances, football games, basketball games, soccer games... every sport. If we can make everyone feel like they’ve contributed to the school and been a part of the school, then that would be my main goal.

DR: I think the most important issue would be school spirit.

How would you unify the student body and encourage school spirit?

JC: I think a lot of the things we have been doing have worked like giving away free burritos at games. One of the biggest things we can do as the student body is influence the main targets; so if you get the sports teams really excited and you have a lot of people participating in trying to improve this, then people will want to go. If you get the seniors involved and they are in the front row an hour before the game starts, freshmen are going to see that and they are going to be excited. So I think it all starts with [seniors] and influencing them to that they can hype up the underclassmen and juniors.

DR: I would promote it myself and be very spirited, and have incentives for those who are spirited, and have fun spirit days.

What is your favorite thing about Fairview?  

JC: Just the environment and the people. I’ve met so many fantastic and passionate people here. There’s such a variety of passionate people, and everyone feels a part of it; there’s a niche for everyone.

DR: How cool it is, and how much better we are than everyone else.

In one sentence, why should students vote for you?

JC: I can help represent them.

DR: Vote for me because I’m experienced and very great at everything student council-related.

Students can vote this week at

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