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2018 Grammar Results

By Henry Larson in Humor


The honorary Grammar Bee was held at Fairview this year, and Benjamin Martin was crowned this year's Grampion, or Grammar Champion. 

The champion praticed by listening to the offical Royal Banner Podcast: The Knight Show.

The following is an excerpt from Martin's 1st place entry.


`I are the bestest people where it coming two used grammer and I as well no how too utility me punctualization to,

When i be gotten the grammer tests everyone day i just getting a A+.

Ever grammer is such much fun!?

,,He be gooder at the write.’ say the friend.

So i like to writing the words cuando nosotros en la clase.

please do a listen unto the Knight Show/

teacher alway said my working know longer bad,


Martin said his favorite moment this year was,"seeing all of them results paying off."

We wish him the best of luck in the State Competion in June.



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