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5 Things to Do When You’re Supposed to Be Doing Homework

By Maddie Stachniak in Student News

  1. Browse Youtube It’s quite easy to spend hours on Youtube, and even easier to get lost. One minute you are promising yourself that you will watch just one Jenna Marbles video, and then in the blink of an eye, three hours later, you somehow find yourself watching a video about adorable rapping kittens. Woe to thee, all who enter here...

  2. Jam out to music Turn up the volume on your ipod, find some nice headphones, lock your bedroom door and rock out to one of your most embarrassing songs, like Justin Bieber or One Direction. As your arms flail in an awkward attempt to, as the kids say, ‘dance’, don’t forget to watch out for that favorite lamp or ceramic gnome; you wouldn’t want to break anything. And remember, you are alone, so no one is judging you. Except for me.

  3. Watch Netflix or TV There are some really awesome shows on Netflix now, such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead or Arrested Development, which are some of my personal favorites. Pick a title and have at! Or, if Netflix doesn't suit your fancy, just watch good old regular TV. Friends will probably be on. Now you can prove those jerks at school wrong, because you just made six new friends! Have a Chemistry test to study for? Not anymore you don’t. Now you need to find out if Chandler and Monica will ever get married. (Spoilers, they do, and it was everything that I hoped it would be).

  4. Go outside According to ancient folklore, there is a magical land known as ‘outside’, where our ancestors spent most of their time. Though it is uncommon for anyone to venture out into this unknown wilderness nowadays, it is rumored that there is a large glowing orb in the sky called ‘sun’.Perhaps someone could find it. Even though exploring a fantastical world may be a bit dangerous, anything is better than doing homework.

  5. Write a list of things you can do instead of homework. It’s a great way to organize your disorganization. Also, writing is hard and I couldn't think of a fifth thing.

If you follow this list exactly, I promise that you will become a straight-A student, own a private bouncy castle and one day become President of the United States. Reach for the stars and you will go far, my children.

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