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A New Fairview Tradition

By Emily Ellis in Opinion & Politics

Breaking the known tradition of the CU Event Center in Boulder, Fairview moves graduation to 1st Bank Center in Broomfield.

“CU Boulder, by the time we had paid for rehearsal, parking, security, rental of the facility, the price came to about $14,000 or $15,000,” said Don Stensrud, Fairview’s principal, “The Broomfield Event Center/1st Bank Center is $10,000 all inclusive. And we also get to sell all the box seats which last year made about $2,600, bringing the net cost down to $7,400. So about half.”

After over a decade of having graduation at CU, many are used to the atmosphere inside the CU Event Center. However, there are a lot of upsides to being at the new location in Broomfield.

“[The 1st Bank Center] has a Jumbotron that everyone gets their face on as they go across and get their diploma. We don't have to line up outside, which was, in the bad weather, either really, really hot or rainy, and there was no place to line the students up. Here, we have an auxiliary gym to put everybody in where we can bring everyone in. The parking is better at Broomfield.” said Stensrud.

Although the advantages to having graduation at this new location outnumber the advantages of CU, it’s hard to let the tradition change. Some students won’t get the chance to graduate at the same venue as their siblings did.

Stensrud said, “Graduation hasn’t always been at CU Event Center. So when people start to think, ‘Oh gosh I didn't get to graduate in the same place,’ if you go back fifteen years, it wasn’t there. It has moved a lot over time. ”

Boulder High School has the opportunity to graduate at Recht field on their school grounds. Suggestions for Fairview to graduate on school grounds were taken into consideration by Stensrud when deciding the new location this past year.

“Now you don't want to go outside. It would be cool if our facilities out here could handle us, and we had a little stadium, we could graduate on site. I was the principal a few years back at Green Mountain High School and we would graduate at Red Rocks, which is way cool. One year, it was 65 degrees, it was sunny and beautiful,” said Stensrud, “Another one it was raining, so we had to shorten down graduation to ‘Welcome, here’s your diploma.’ And that’s the downside to the outside.”

Fairview had to make a decision with the entire school in mind. While the transition was difficult, choosing the air-conditioned 1st Bank Center was the best new choice and allows more people to comfortably celebrate the graduation ceremony. The class of 2014 will follow in last year’s footsteps at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield on Sunday, May 25th at 2:00 pm.

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