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A New Report Finds that the Humor Section Editor is just a Robot

By Henry Larson in Humor


A new report finds that The Royal Banner’s humor section editor is really just an annoying robot that nobody cares about.

Researchers at the Colorado Research Advancement Program have recently discovered a startling trend in the section editor’s content. Senior Research Chief Sam Sanchez released his report in a press release.

“Through a tedious 4 week study, we have found that The Royal Banner’s humor section editor, is in fact, a computer generating dozens of inferior quality humor stories every week” said Sanchez.

Robotics Chief Foah Niner, a leading expert in computers and AI writing machines commented on the statement.

“I knew the whole time!” said Niner in an interview with Royal Banner Internal Affairs officers. “You just have to look at the smaller details, really, all the clues were there.”

Co-Editor in Chief Noah Finer issued a statement Wednesday morning stating that The Royal Banner was not “in anyway involved in the creation or use of story writing AI.”

There has been no comment from any other staff of the school newspaper, but recent evidence would suggest that theafa asipgduhasdg sdg7464543073463354580646335458064633545806463354580646335458064633545806580646335458064633545806463354580646335458064633545806580646335458064633545806463354580646335458064633545806580646335458064633545806463354580646335458064633545806580646335458064633545806463354580646335458064633545806580646335458064633545806463354580646335458064633545806

*encryption complete*

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