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A Quick Look at the Fairview Elections

By Raine Kennedy in Opinion & Politics

Fairview elections took place on Thursday, and the competition was fierce. Running for Head Girl was Kate Dow, Kendall Richarz, Madeleine McCarty, and Jaimie Zhu. Each presented themselves differently in the weeks leading to the elections, and in their brief election speeches. Kendall Richarz definitely won the ad campaign. However, she was not the leader in speeches. Jaimie Zhu, the last speaker, definitely presented the best speech. She was charismatic, and had memorized her speech unlike her competitors, which meant she could walk around while she spoke. Kendall Richarz opened her speech with a memorable ploy. She made everyone in the gym stand up and sit down, to prove she could wield power over the student body. In her speech, she compared Fairview’s diversity to a rainbow. Kate Dow discussed her ability to represent Fairview by explaining to the school her multifaceted nature. Her speech was short and stirring, and appealed strongly to the audience’s pathos. Madeleine McCarty used an anecdote to explain her devotion to Fairview. She explained to the audience a childhood memory of falling off of a wall. Her provocative dress certainly got some stares from many high school boys present. Things were just as heated in the running for treasurer. The candidates were Larry Zhang, Ryan Chen, Mark Crouse, and Nick Gunther. The old favorite, Larry Zhang, ran for another year in office. While his speech may not have been very memorable, his snazzy outfit and charismatic confidence definitely turned some heads. Ryan Chen caught the crowd by ‘turning’ a five dollar bill into a 100 dollar bill. His friendliness definitely set him out from his competitors. Nick Gunther wrapped up this round of the competition with a surprisingly passionate speech on bad management of school funds, making him the clear front runner. There were only two competitors for secretary: Sawyer Hammond and Maya Matatal. Maya opened her speech with an informative bit on what secretary actually does, which was helpful, since nobody has a clue. Sawyer definitely had strong charisma and energy. Neither stood out as a sure win, so we will just have to see what happens. Running for head boy was Blake Kitayama, Zach Swenson, Jeff Clarke, and Kyle Kihn. Blake and Zach clearly had the charisma to hold the floor. Zach referred to his prestigious career as the Fairview basketball announcer as the reason he should get the position, as his voice would sound the nicest over the intercom. Jeff Clarke, while perhaps not the best in the speech category, will be remembered from his hilarious posters throughout the school. He had a great ad campaign, that future Fairview candidates can use as a model. Kyle certainly was the best in sincerity, and who could forget memorable slogan, “Be keen on Kihn!” Also, his five point plan touched on some important issues in Fairview. Whoever wins this year’s elections, all of the candidates did an excellent job. The ad campaign was by far the most heated yet, and the mystery attack ads posted in the bathrooms added to the excitement. All of the speeches were well thought out and well delivered. We will all wait with bated breath to see who wins in the end!

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