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A Review of the Oscars

By Henry Larson in Humor


Recently the renowned Oscars were held in Hollywood. Here is the Royal Banner’s review of the top 3 films:


The Shape of the Water:

Finding Nemo returns with the hit family film series’ third installment. This films picks right off after Finding Dory, where we see that the fish has been reunited with her family, but is blinded in a tragic accident. Meeting a beautiful stingray by the name of Moe, Dory falls in love, and Nemo is tragically left behind, and forced to work his way back into Dory’s life. 8/10


Call Me by Your Name:

The newest film in the Star Wars saga, this picture features Elio Skywalker, and his mentor Oliver, on their quest to hunt down the evil Lord Lenocinium. These two Jedi must turn the evil Sith to the lightside, or the galaxy will be destroyed. The movie lacks in some of the expected special effects and dramatic score that is customary to the genre, but it makes up for it with it’s critical plot and well developed set pieces. 6/10


Get Out:

The film adaptation of the popular reality TV show; Property Brothers, stars Meryl Streep, as Jessica Marjet, a millennial pilates instructor searching for a place to raise her two cats. The picture follows her, and her student loan collector, as they travel across the US. The lovable two even pay a visit to our very own Rocky Mountains. The movie has a compelling score, and spectacular effects. 9/10

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