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A Sport Is a Sport, No Matter How Small

By Alli Williams in Sports

The 2014 season for Fairview High School golf has been going strong, since two players, Jackson Vacek, senior, and Daniel Pearson, sophomore, went to the state tournament this week.


Earlier in the season, Vacek did exceptionally well at the golf regionals tournament with a two-under-par round, winning the individuals’ 5A Western Regional. The team ended up in third place in regionals and fifth in the standings overall.


It’s curious however, to wonder: how many students actually knew about this remarkable performance? Every sport requires players and coaches to spend large amounts of time practicing and striving for improvement. So why do some sports get non-stop attention, while others are barely covered on sport-updating websites?


“We hope that maybe one day golf will be recognized on the same level as the football team.” said Vacek. His team and other lesser-known sports teams are frustrated with the unequal attention to sports. Last weekend, during the Fairview vs. Monarch football game, there was also a softball game, soccer game and a cross country meet going on around the same time. Even though the football game was exciting and against a huge rival, many students weren’t even informed about the other sporting events.


“Fairview golf should, in my opinion, be known for our dedication to the game we play, our dedication to constantly improving our game, and honesty and integrity,” said Vacek. “Fairview golf definitely has character. Our dedication to the game we play and to our peers is what sets apart from those around us.”


Competitive golf can be extremely stressful, even though, to some, it comes off as rather laid-back and simple. There’s only one chance to truly do well on a hole of golf. Golf doesn’t have multiple downs, strikes, or sets. There are only a few opportunities to reach the ultimate goal.


There are other values taught through the beauty of sports that athletes sometimes forget to think about. Vacek’s athletic values come down to more than just what happens on the green, his adopted saying is, “Character has often been defined as not what you do when you are around others, but rather that you do the right thing when nobody else is around.”

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