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Addicting Games

By Arshan Aidun and Cormac Dowling in Arts & Culture


Dragonvale Game

Angry Birds-

This game about launching various birds from a slingshot, to knock down structures and kill green pigs used to be a long time holder of top popular, and grossing apps on the apple store. The online score sharing feature makes this game competitive and time consuming.

“I played angry birds a lot, and that was pretty fun, because you got to try the level over and over till you get three stars,” said Sophomore Kyle Franklin.



Dragonvale also had lots of competition involved. The game is all about upgrading, and constructing farm and dragons. Whoever had the rarest dragon had the supreme skill. This game updates often to make the game increasingly interesting.

“Dragonvale, I played in middle school, it was fun because you try to make more and more dragons.” Said Sophomore Ty Galey.


Flappy Bird-

Flappy Bird was a rage inducer for sure. The game is no longer available on the app store due to gamers hating the developer so much. The game was just tapping a bird to make it ascend and descend through pipes. If you could get on a roll, you could make many people jealous of your score. Student spent hours at a time trying to beat each other scores.

“Flappy Bird is addicting because if you don’t do good, or see things better, you want to try again and beat it.” Said Sophomore Logan Melton.


Clash of Clans-

Maybe the most fun, time consuming, and addictingly fun game students were seen playing all the time on this list, is Clash of Clans. You could get a group of pals in a clan, to compete against other small groups, or clans from other schools that your friends were in. It was all about constructing, raiding, recovering, and bragging rights of your small medieval village.

”I never played it, but yeah, I saw so many people playing it.” Said Franklin.


Madden Mobile-

If someone loved sports, and weren’t about medieval weaponry, or magic, or cartoon birds, this is the game that they most likely played. You could join leagues, play simulations, and plays against friends in this American football app. It took all the top names, to names you’ve never heard it football history that could seem interesting to all fans.

“I played madden mobile, because dude, it’s football, and I like football, and football is fun.” Said Galey


Pokemon GO-

This game has the most competitive features on this list. It uses GPS and nostalgia, with this long time brand of Japanese pocket monster characters. All ranges of people love this game, and instead of mostly online, it is mostly social, forcing you to get out and about, this made it incredibly interesting.

“I played Pokemon GO, and it was addicting because of the nostalgia, and that’s why I played it a lot.” Said Franklin


“Pokemon GO, I played a lot because I like pokemon” Said Galey.


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